Barack Hussein Obama: GOOD RIDDANCE!

Good Riddance to the War Mongering Part Time Golfer

by Matt, SGTReport:

Despite the incendiary nature and attempt at headline grabbing for my inaugural post, I think there’s some justification in it with regard to accuracy. It started with so much promise didn’t it? On that fateful day 8 years ago, the newly elected President Obama was promising to sweep away the wreckage of the waning Bush years and usher in a new era of tolerance, peace and economic prosperity.

Swept in on a tide of foreign and domestic promise, this Nobel Peace winning President was the cure for the US and the world. I think it’s fair to say that after 8 years the die is cast and the results are in. There seems to be quite a bit of excuse making in the mainstream media for what this man has managed to achieve.

Seemingly winning a Nobel Peace prize for not being Bush this man has kept the US at war for EVERY day of his presidency. He has dropped a total of around 26,000 bombs in 2016 alone and has done so in a total of 7 countries. Far from scaling back military enthusiasm he appears to have put his foot on the gas pedal. From secret kill lists to drone assassinations being deemed perfectly legal it’s hard to reconcile the words of Presidential candidate Obama to the current reality.

Also, while murdering people around the planet he himself of course has managed to find the time for 300 plus rounds of golf. Declaring himself “an honest 13” when mentioning his handicap I think it’s fair to say his time in the oval office hasn’t spoiled his game.

In his own words, he declares ‘failing to plan’ for the aftermath of Muammar Gaddafi’s downfall is the US president’s biggest regret from his time in office. Nice to know, but the US doesn’t have a great track record in nation building and it’s hard to understand how a former community organiser turned civil rights lawyer has the apptitude to oversee the social, political and national infrastructure projects required to oversee the rebuilding of a recently bombed out nation. In the interests of balance and to be fair to him though it’s difficult to plan a nations rebuilding when the 101st Airborne’s primary objective is to make a beeline for the Tripoli gold vaults.

Having been born in Kenya, Hawaii and despite having taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago he appears to know very little about it. In December of 2016, the US Congress passed the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act in which it seems that having a different opinion than the one the deep state wants you to have is deemed ‘fake news’.

To counter, I rather like the following from the late, great Irwin Schiff

The constitution doesn’t need interpreting. It’s not written in Chinese. It needs obeying

It’s hard to find any area in which Obama hasn’t meddled where the results have turned out well. At the end of his 8 years Americans seem more divided and confused about what restroom they can use in public than any time in their history.

The simply catastrophic levels of debt this man has lumbered his fellow citizens with is simply staggering, As near as makes no difference they are a whopping $20 Trillion dollars in debt. At anywhere near historical interest rates the economy simply bankrupts itself. The US tax base is around $3.6 Trillion and a nominal low of a 5% interest rate is a 27% of total revenue. Consider that Volcker raised rates to 21% so even a 10% interest rate means that every taxpayer will pay 55% of the tax they’re earning to the Chinese for services already rendered. Everything but the Pentagon would need to be shut down.

Take Obamacare. The intentions were great but thanks to the works of two Brookings institute professors, Loren Adler and Paul Ginsburg we now know that there is overwhelming evidence that this has caused premiums to rise. Thanks to Jonathon Gruber we also know this whole debacle rested on the ‘stupidity’ of the average voter. As it transpired, the very Harvard architects of Obamacare were absolutely furious to find out they couldn’t opt out themselves and would be subject to their own policies. This thing should have been shelved from the beginning and again, it’s difficult to see how this has made the average Americans life better. After all, if you like your doctor you can keep him.

And let’s not forget the biggest bubble in US history. Following the housing bubble the Fed has printed untold amounts of fake money. That Fed balance sheet is now measured in telephone looking numbers and ever ongoing QE programs have pushed the DOW into the stratosphere. This is a bubble looking for a pin if ever there was one.

Race relations have hardly improved either. With the egging on of the MSM quite a few incidents have triggered riots and lawlessness. From Trayvon Martin to what now transpires to be a perfectly justifiable act of police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of Michael Brown the MSM has spun and deliberately promoted falsehood to provoke tension.

I find substitution a good way to winkle out an inherent bias and the recent kidnapping and torture of a mentally disabled white teen by 4 black youths is a point in case. Imagine if you heard this on the news;

“Today, a gang of 4 white teenagers captured and tortured a mentally ill black youth, scalping him and forcing him to chant “f**k black people’ and ‘f**k Barack Obama’. Chicago Police are not treating this as a hate crime and a racist incident”.

CNN would have had a hissy fit. George Zimmerman was on the floor in the process of having his head smashed into the ground and with the prospect of looming unconsciousness when he shot Trayvon Martin, and was the media sympathetic. Nope. Racist obviously.

The sad fact is there are just too many disasters to list from gun grabbing, growing disillusionment with the political class, geopolitical instability, 47 million Americans on food stamps, vindictiveness to whistleblowers and setting the IRS on Dinesh D’Souza for making an unflattering film. It all shows. Trust in the US political process is at an all time low. The simple truth seems obvious, that the American MSM is simply diverting from the average Americans opinion. Decades of falsehoods, race baiting and propaganda coverage have taken there toll.

In another act of self delusion he has recently declared that the US is more respected around the world after his 8 year tenure. Oh Really! That’ll be why Duerte called him a ‘son of a whore’, the Russians have claimed he has destoyed US-Russian relations because they’re ‘tired of his lies’ and the Chinese at the recent G20 meeting on their soil made this defacto world emperor get off his own goddam plane.

The main beef I have with Obama though is that he ruined my holiday. I was taking a city break to Berlin for a few days and although having seen the Brandenburg Gate the previous day it had been raining so we decided to see it again. Walking down the Unter den Linden we became aware of a growing German military presence. Imagine that. With 200m to go we were stopped by a German military professional and told politely to turn around. Seems Obama was vacationing on his farewell tour and as such the entire area was locked down. The Reichstag, the lot. For the leader of the free world he sure does like his own privacy.

To add some cream to this growing delusional nutcase’s sundae, in his latest move Obama seems to have awarded himself a distinguished public service medal. The transition to 3rd world dictator is now nearly complete.

Sadly however, it does not appear he is going quietly. Normally as a President steps down, it’s done with a parting handshaking and they pop up in an interview a few years later in a nice tie to say something innocuous before being relegated to the ex-presidents photographs. Reports from Ed Klein though state that Obama has rented an eight bedroomed mansion near Washington to form, what they themselves are calling, ‘a shadow government’. Only time will tell how successful that it is. I hope it’s as successful as all his other policies but he does appear to have the CIA and the legacy media on his side.

I get the impression, and full kudos to Bix Weir here, that there are two factions working at the top of the American hierarchy. They’re powerful people. The sort of people who can get the director of the FBI to reopen a case against Hillary Clinton with 11 days to go before an election and the sort of people who have the pull in the MSM to have attack dog after attack dog go after Trump.

Times are about to get interesting and Trump has started well by not starting WW3. He still has a mountain to go though and has probably the most difficult job you could imagine. Clearing up after Barack Obama.


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