Drain the Swamp especially the C.I.A. and CNN

Drain the Swamp starting with Lewis, the CIA, and CNN

By Michael Master (author of Save America Now, Rules for Conservatives, and The Birth DrainTheSwampFamine)

On CNN this morning, Bob Woodward, Associate Editor for The Washington Post, made these observations concerning the CIA:

  1.  The CIA started this feud with Trump.  It gave a memo during top secret security briefings to Trump and Obama about unsubstantiated rumors concerning Trump that should never have been given to Obama .. let alone to Trump in that venue.   This type of information does not rise the level of the security briefing.  The intent was to put Trump on notice that the CIA could hurt him and to provide nasty information about Trump to Obama.  They floated fake news.
  1. CIA director John Brennan should never have scolded Trump on national television.   The CIA works for the president.  It is up to the CIA to befriend the president and to gain the trust of the president, not the other way around.  Rather than tell Trump what he “should do”  to get along with the CIA, Brennan should tell the CIA what it “should do” to get along with Trump.
  1. Why did the gang of 8 (McCain, Graham, Schumer, Rubio, et al) hire a retired spy from the UK last summer to find dirt about Trump?
  1. The 35 page memo from the retired UK spy is faulty.   It lacks evidence that can be verified.  Those facts that can be verified have been found to be false.  It only has innuendo and rumors in it.   Evidently, the CIA did not verify anything about the memo or it would have scrapped it (Woodward read the entire memo).  And CNN did not verify the validity of the content, only that it was given to Trump.  And then CNN presented the memo as “breaking news”   while no other TV news outlets would touch it.
  1. Who leaked the memo of a top secret briefing?  Obama or his staff?   McCain?  Who?  and why?

So who is  Bob Woodward?  He is one of the 2 journalists who pulled the plug on Nixon and Watergate 45 years ago.   Woodward knows what he is saying.

Now let’s add the incident with John Lewis.  John is the black Congressman from Georgia who claims that Trump is not a legitimate president … so John will not attend the inauguration because of that (John was a civil rights advocate 55 years ago).

Well, John also claimed in that interview with Chuck Todd on NBC that this will be the first inauguration that he will not attend in his 25 years of service as a Congressman.

Did Chuck Todd question him about that?  No.   Did any mainstream media question John about that?  No.  Instead, they carried the story in such a way as to encourage more Democrats to not attend the inauguration…  just as how the media tried to persuade members of the electoral college to not cast their votes for Trump in how they presented the news.

Hmmmm.   The Washington Post disagrees with John Lewis.   Evidently, John claimed that George W. Bush was an illegitimate president and refused to attend the inauguration in 2001.   John attended the inaugurations of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama (Democrats), but not for George W.  Bush and now not for Donald J. Trump (Republicans).   He claimed Bush and Trump are not legitimate…. a pattern for John.  He is a divisive partisan.

  1. John Lewis lied.   It does not matter that he is a celebrated civil rights activist.  He lied.
  2. John Lewis and Democrats used this same argument about illegitimacy to hurt Bush and justify not supporting the president.   This is standard operating procedure for them.
  3. This whole thing about Russians is to provide justification so Democrats can be disloyal to the president.  It is a con game by them and the media.    And Trump is calling them on it.

Isn’t it interesting that the establishment politicians including Brennan, Lewis, McCain, Graham, Schumer, Obama, and the mainstream media are in lock step?    And that no one is focused on the misdeeds of the Clintons,  Podesta, establishment politicians, the CIA, or the mainstream media?   Weren’t they the same ones who opposed Trump as a candidate?  Didn’t they say that Trump would never win the nomination or get elected?   Weren’t they the same ones who said that Brexit would never pass? Yes, they are the very globalists who put the world order ahead of America.

As said by McCain:  “Trump is a threat to the world order.”

Why does Trump have a low approval rating before he is even sworn in?   Because of how the media presents the news about Trump.

Go Trump!   Drain the swamp starting with Lewis, the CIA, and CNN!  Make America great again.


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