The Real John Lewis Exposed By Allen West


by Liberty News Staff

Via Allen B. West | As y’all know, I was born and raised in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. And I just gotta say, it felt really good for our hometown Atlanta Falcons to beat the Seattle Seahawks this past Saturday. The Falcons came to Atlanta in 1966 when I was five years old, so I grew up with them, and we’ve had our share of heartbreaks. But, Atlanta is a great sports town and we’re proud of our teams, win or lose…but we certainly prefer winning. The real bummer is, I’ve never been to a game in the Georgia Dome. Oh well, my memories were at the old Atlanta-Fulton County stadium.
However, today represents a very special day, full of memories. As you know, it is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a national day. As a little boy I remember walking past his birthplace, his church, and his final resting place.

You see, it was Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward, my neighborhood, that gave America — indeed the world — Dr. King, a great champion for individual rights, liberty, and freedom.

I also have memories of my parents supporting and voting for one Rep. John Lewis. I grew up in complete reverence for the man who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and was my congressional representative. In those days we really did have iconic black men, who along with our dads, served as role models…and notice I did say dads.

But, during the 2010 congressional campaign, it was rather astonishing, and I was slightly incredulous that this same man, who was my congressional representative growing up, came to Florida to campaign against me. Interestingly enough, Rep. Lewis had no idea of my background, he was just being a Democrat, and as an esteemed “civil rights icon” who better to assail a young black conservative running for congressional office? Well lo and behold, we won that race in 2010 and I joined the Congressional Black Caucus — we can talk about that one day.

So, after all those years I was finally able to meet the man who represented my family in Atlanta, who had spoken out against me. I greeted Rep. Lewis and told him the honor of finally meeting him. I told him I’d grown up in the congressional district he represents and attended Grady High School. He was amazed, as he had no idea of my background.

That brings me to now, where we have the seventy-six-year-old congressional representative claiming that the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, is illegitimate. It appears to me that Rep. Lewis, as he did last week at the confirmation hearing of Senator Jeff Sessions, is doing the bidding of the progressive socialists of the Democrat Party, and little else.

When people talk of John Lewis they speak of a civil rights icon and a historic leader, as I did here, but today, what does that really mean? And how is John Lewis confronting the pressing and prevailing issues in the black community today with the voice and platform that he commands? READ MORE


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