Are US courts facilitating child trafficking?



Screams in the dark: US courts trafficking children

by Brett Redmayne-Titley.

At a court hearing on June 27, 2014, nine-year-old Lexi Dillon wants to go home to her mother, Ruby. Judge Glenn R. Salter has previously shown his contempt for Lexi’s well-being, child protection laws, required court process, and evidence in the many court hearings and his subsequent illegal rulings. All evidence proved that Ruby was a loving, caring mother; that foster care was abusing her daughter; and that the father had repeatedly abused Lexi, as proved by the Tustin, CA, Police Department.

Judge Glenn R Salter refused to allow any of Ruby’s evidence, multiple expert witnesses, or police investigators into his court to testify. He then ordered Lexi to be in the sole custody of her criminal father.

The father is the man who raped Lexi. Anally and vaginally.


Criminal courts

The ultimate horror. Corrupt US judges are using their courtrooms to kidnap children from innocent parents. For profit.

Immoral judges serve as vital tools for this disgusting example of limitless American greed and capitalism. Criminal US judges operate with immunity, disregarding laws, eliminating evidence, shattering constitutional protections, and ignoring mandatory courtroom procedures.

They should be in prison.

US courts kidnap thousands of innocent children every year, forcing them from the arms of loving parents into an on-going developmental life of child abuse, rape, child molestation, forced drug-induced sedation, behavioral modification, and long-term childhood incarceration all at the hands of employed pedophiles. Many foster care “professionals” have criminal records, yet administer “protection” to children that would normally be defined as criminal “child abuse.”

Once a court removes the child from the parent, however, the real parent ceases to have virtually any legal rights at all to help or protect their child. The courts take away all custody rights of the parents and make legal all manner of judicial, constitutional, physical, and emotional crimes. All are sanctioned, supported, condoned, and ordered by the same corrupt court that first stole the child from the parents.

This is a national American problem. It would not exist except for greed. Horrific stories such as those of Ruby Dillon and her daughter, Lexi, and that of Tammy Rief and her son, Jonah, are tragic examples of pervasive widespread US court corruption. Sadly, these examples are repeated again and again, year after year in virtually every US state. These parents’ stories highlight this growing national tragedy.

Many criminal US judges and family courts are in the pocket of one of the most evil spawns of an unchecked capitalist American society. The plot includes “Child Advocate” attorneys, corrupt attorneys representing abusive parents, mercenary foster home owners, doctors willing to ignore their oath, parental monitors who lie to keep their jobs, and County District Attorneys who refuse to charge criminals with child abuse crimes recommended by police, who, yet, charge the good parents with fraudulent and fabricated crimes. This gang of collective inhuman control has only one reason: to illegally support each other; personal profit.


Journalists have died for exposing these crimes. So has a Georgia state senator.

This evil has one common name; “C.P.S.” Child Protective Services.

One of the few elected child advocacy champions, California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, summarized correctly, “The secrecy by which CPS operates is a massive problem… because when you have secrecy and unchecked power, you have a recipe for corruption and abuse.”


The crime of loving

The details are worse. This case is not unusual. Across the US, there are thousands like it in all shades of horror and corruption. The evil common denominator “Child Protective Services.”

“Protection” of children is the least of CPS’s priorities. In 2012, 570 children died while under CPS control, in CPS custody. This in just Los Angeles county.

A corrupt pyramid scheme that protects personal profit is the true reason for CPS existence. American capitalism has stooped so low that stealing children from their families is now more valuable than the life, development, and welfare of an innocent young child.

Or the tears of a loving, very desperate parent.

Walking into the Betty Lou Lamoreaux Juvenile Justice Center in Orange County, CA, and then up to the sixth floor, near the courtroom, some twenty-plus parents waited outside the door to show their support for Lexi and Ruby. Their own kids had been ripped from their arms by corrupt judges with allegiance to CPS and their insidious motivations. They, too well, understand Ruby’s pain.

While speaking with these parents under the soft hum and yellowed lighting of the courthouse, these parents showed a common trait.

Looking intently while telling their stories, there was an exhaustion in their speech, and a toughened sadness on their faces. They had all been through their own battle with the CPS and the resulting scars on their souls were darkly reflected around the rings of their eyes.

Tired eyes. Dark-edged, narrowed, suspicious eyes. Eyes that have cried too often, squeezing out so many tears that a hardness is shown in the depth of their unblinking stare. Desperate eyes, angry, that have almost, but not yet, given up.

You’ve seen these eyes before. Yes. The war veteran sitting silently alone, hunched over in the back row of an airport gate lounge, invisible cigarette dangling from an ever clutching left hand, looking-off  so very far away, never blinking, at a distant thought no one else can understand.

A look that comes from absorbing, for far too long, far too much pain.

Today’s episode

Today’s court proceedings had been whited-out to cover up Lexi’s case from being seen on the daily docket of court cases for the day. Why? Extra bailiffs where in the sixth-floor hallways, outside the courtroom, and three more were inside the courtroom looking menacingly at the supporters who sat quietly and respectfully.

Their answer would come soon, less than fifteen seconds after the appearance of heartless judge Glenn R. Salter.

Ruby Dillon’s fight to keep Lexi from her pedophile husband follows a pattern of CPS cases across America. While outside the courtroom a petite Asian woman, CJ Park, comes over to talk. CJ is career military. She also has suffered a lesson in CPS court injustice in adjacent Los Angeles County. CJ’s and Ruby’s case are not unusual. They both lost their children.

The following facts on Ruby’s case were compiled, documented, and vetted as accurate for publication in a report by Domestic Violence Legal Empowerment and Appeals Project ( DV LEAP). The report also lists over a dozen incorrect applications of law deliberately made by the three judges leading to only two possible conclusions. Either all three judges were completely ignorant of basic law or someone was pulling their purse strings.

Ruby had been awarded sole custody in 2005 after she removed Lexi from the abusive father when she was six months old. In 2010, the father, Mahathep “Mathew” Srikureja, who is a Pakistani national with Thai citizenship and had not paid any child support in five years, filed for a custody modification using an attorney known for inside connection to CPS, Mathew DeArmey.

On Feb. 25, 2012, Ruby notices that Lexi is bleeding from her rectal area and goes straight to Hogue Hospital. The ER Doctor informs Ruby that Lexi has been anally penetrated and shows her proof. He calls the police.

Ruby has her attorney schedule a hearing in Family Court to request an emergency investigation. Commissioner Renee E. Wilson denies any investigation of the father and punishes Ruby by taking away five days of her monthly custody of Lexi.

On Mar 1, 2011, David Sheffner is appointed to the court to do an examination of Ruby and issues a report to the court recommending that Ruby have primary custody. When Tustin, CA, police take Lexi into protective custody in Dec. 2012 due to pending charges against the father, Dr. Sheffner writes to the court that, “during my two consultations with Lexi, she disclosed emotional, physical , and sexual abuse.” Another report to the court by Lexi’s gynecologist, Dr. Kanofsky, also specifically referenced repeated sexual abuse of Lexi by the father and concluded, “I am trying to contact law enforcement ASAP… to prevent any further harm to Alexandria [Lexi]…”

On February 24, 2012, the opinion of the two medical experts was not good enough for Commissioner Renee E. Wilson, who ruled their opinions and testimony inadmissible as evidence, and then illegally allowed the father to take the Fifth Amendment so not to testify about his raping his daughter. The judge then further punished Ruby by summarily ending the upcoming custody trial that she had desperately been waiting for.

Sealing Lexi’s fate, the judge appoints, at the request of Mathew DeArmey, the father’s attorney,  infamous Harold LaFlamme, as Minor’s Council to represent Lexi. DeArmey does not tell the judge that La Flamme, who has yet to ever meet Lexi, is also his client. LaFlamme sits with DeArmey, not Ruby’s attorney, at every hearing and approves every legal maneuver by DeArmey, yet opposes any attempt by Ruby to secure Lexi’s wellbeing. When Ruby informs the Commissioner of this illegal conflict of interest, he denies her motion to have LaFlamme removed.

When judge James L. Waltz takes over the case, Dr. Sheffner writes to LaFlamme and to the new judge, both of whom he assumes are interested in Lexi’s safety and, “imploring the Court and Minor’s Council to immediately take action” to protect Lexi from her father.

Indeed. On July 20, 2012, Judge James L. Waltz orders all of Ruby’s visits to now be monitored by the CPS.

During one of the monitored visits on August 24, Lexi tells Ruby, in front of the monitor, that her father has been molesting her and penetrating her anally. The monitor tries to end the visit immediately, but Ruby calls Lt. Tom Tarpley of the Tustin Police, who tells Ruby to take Lexi right to the police station.

Police specialists interview Lexi, who reveals that her father has been taking naked pictures of her and putting them on his computer. Police request a search warrant for the computer. The Orange County District Attorney, Tony Raukaukas, denies the warrant.

Like most parents dealing with the CPS kidnapping, Ruby ran short on funds for poorly qualified attorneys that had accomplished nothing for her despite hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees. While Ruby was struggling, the father was delivering his daughter to a professional hypnotherapist friend, Grace Coleman, to “deprogram” Lexi and coaching her to lie on video tape.

The father then hires nationally famous child therapist, Dean Tong, expecting to have him testify against Ruby. Instead Dean Tong writes a scathing letter to the court and the DA expressing his outrage against the father’s lies and attempted manipulations of him, his report, and of Lexi. He concludes, “I respectfully urge your agency to reopen any and all allegations that were pending against the father.”

The court, the DA, the Minor’s Council, and the CPS ignore the letter.

On June 6, 2014, Judge James L. Waltz orders full unconditional custody of Lexi to the father, who had fled the country when he thought that he would be charged as a rapist. He also had Ruby arrested on a ten-year-old traffic ticket that had no warrant and required her to pay $15,000 bail.

Fortunately for Lexi, the father has also run afoul with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which will not allow him back into the USA. Because the judge prefers rapists to loving parents, Lexi can be seized by an agent of the father and spirited out of the country at any moment.

Lexi’s Appellate Court attorney, Ronald B. Funk, who has dozens of court violations to work with, has called a hearing to have the judge removed, and an order preventing Lexi from leaving foster care pending review.

Not aware that a reporter was right behind him, LaFlamme’s replacement, John Cate, the Minor’s Council, had just bemoaned his own fate while highlighting Lexi’s. “Do you think there is anybody else stupid enough to take this job?”, he whined to Brian Barron, the father’s current attorney, who is dating LaFlamme’s daughter.

After keeping everyone waiting fifteen minutes, the judge breezed into his courtroom, black-and-white robes billowing in the musky air of injustice. Immediately violating further legal rights, he ordered the bailiffs to “clear the courtroom” of all witnesses. This included the only member of the press.

Judge Salter was taking no chances with witnesses, reporters, or parents.

Next, he illegally denied the motion to have him removed as judge.

He also continued his Court Order allowing the father to steal Lexi for his own nightly disgusting sexual depravities.

Then he issues an order for Ruby’s arrest.


The perfect crime

Lieutenant Tom Tarpley, of the Tustin, CA, police department is a damn good cop. He knows a criminal when he sees one. He knows CPS are crooks.

Officer Tarpley began trying to protect Lexi since she was first put under police protection on January 2, 2012. Two hours later, when Ruby arrives at the police station, he and Ruby are shocked to find out that Lexi has been delivered back to her rapist father. Who did it? Harold LaFlamme, by way of Judge James L. Waltz.

After his investigation, he requests six felony child-sex criminal charges against the rapist father. Orange County District Attorney, Tony Raukaukas, refuses.

Tarpley starts his own investigation of CPS criminal tactics. He tells his boys not to speak to CPS. Now, he requests criminal charges against the Child Monitoring Agency, PA Nash, for “obstructing a criminal investigation” and “failure to report child sexual abuse.” Next he adds criminal charges against the hypnotherapist, Grace Coleman, for witness tampering.

District Attorney, Tony Raukaukas, refuses to file the charges.

Officer Tom Tarpley has now retired. Now, there’s one less good cop in Orange County, California. He’s seen a lot of criminals in thirty-plus years as a cop. He has seen this whole sordid affair unfold, including the rapist father let go. He wisely sums up the depth of the plot against Lexi and Ruby Dillon. “Well, that’s just about the perfect crime, isn’t it?”

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