Donald Trump and the New World Order

Thousand Oaks CA
January 12, 2017

Is Trump Giving Into The New World Order?

by Rich Scheck

I wish I were as optimistic as some observers who think that the
election of Trump along with BREXIT, the victory in Aleppo and
other events indicate a retreat for the New World Order.

Ben Fulford agrees that the Deep State is under siege:

I am more cautious and feel that things remain very dicey,
especially considering the comments by Trump’s nominees
for Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense during this
week’s confirmation hearings.

Campaign rhetoric and victory talk aside, Trump’s desire to
see improved relations with Russia is under withering assault
by the political establishment and Main Stream Media.

With Tillerson and Mattis both characterizing Russia as a
serious threat despite the revelations of fake news and spurious
claims of election tampering, it is hard to see how the new
president will be able to implement detente when so many
are scrambling for Cold War 2……or worse!

With barely a week to go until Trump takes the oath of office,
the barriers being erected to prevent his success and delegitimize
his presidency are enormous.

Trump has had some victories during this most difficult of
transition periods. But I am deeply concerned that he will be
forced to relinquish his claims to populism as he buckles under
the pressure from the powerful forces arrayed against him.

Changing his tune to say Russia was involved in the hacking
and letting his top two appointees demur to charges that Putin
represents a danger to our national security represents a major
departure from his previous pronouncements.

Obviously Putin has taken notice and is responding to the aggressive
moves by Obama:

The comments calling for a continuation of sanctions from Trump’s
appointees along with other provocative statements only adds to my
sense that relations will deteriorate rather than improve.

The Deep State remains poised to continue its hegemonic ways
and take full advantage of Trump’s many weaknesses to secure
its grip on power despite what recent events might imply.

Can Trump hold on in the days and weeks ahead? Can he withstand
the furious Welfare State/Warfare State assault his presidency has

We shall see soon enough as perilous days lie ahead for our beleaguered

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