Subject of 1940s ‘research’ goes public with horrific details of abuse by dad


Editor’s note: The following report is part of WND’s ongoing, multipart investigation into alleged crimes committed by sex-research pioneer Alfred Kinsey and his Kinsey Institute.

WASHINGTON – A victim of sexologist Alfred Kinsey’s “research” during the 1940s is coming forward with the stunning claim that her father was paid by Kinsey, universally regarded as the “father of the sexual revolution,” to rape her and then report to him on the attacks.

Nearly 70 years after being molested repeatedly by her own father, “Esther White” (a pseudonym) is speaking out in hope of prompting Congress to investigate the controversial research. White said she would be willing to testify in person on Capitol Hill if an investigation results in opening the Kinsey Institute files to public scrutiny.

“He was giving me orgasms and timing it with a stopwatch,” White told WND. “I didn’t like it, I went into convulsions, but he didn’t care. He said all little girls do this with their daddies, they just don’t talk about it.”

White was 7 when her father began abusing her.

“There’s no question that Kinsey broke a number of laws and conspired to break a number of laws to conduct his faux research,” said Matt Barber, a law professor and associate dean at the Liberty University School of Law.

Kinsey’s 1948 and 1953 books on human sexual behavior contain tables of information about sexual responses in children as young as 2 months old. Several tables record how long the children needed to be stimulated to achieve “orgasm,” and others record how many orgasms the children achieved in given periods of time.


Esther White’s data
would have been used for this table in Kinsey’s first book, though the book focused on
male sexual behavior

“Kinsey was not a legitimate scholar. He was not objective,” said Janice Crouse, Ph.D., the head of the Beverly LaHaye Institute, the think tank at Concerned Women for America. “Instead, he found people who could produce the results he wanted. … He was very interested in changing the sexual mores. … He believed any sex act between consenting adults and even children was acceptable, even healthy.”  Kinsey and his researchers are widely credited with having redefined sexual morality in America.

“Esther White”

White said Kinsey “enticed” her grandfather, who became a personal friend of Kinsey while studying at Indiana University, to participate in the research, and that her grandfather in turn recruited  two of his sons to molest their own daughters for Kinsey. She described Kinsey as “insane,” “evil” and “Satan incarnate.”

White says her father and grandfather were paid by Kinsey and that Kinsey was aware of what her father was doing to her. She recalls that her father filmed some of those sessions and sent the home movies to Kinsey. She also witnessed Kinsey handing her grandfather a check.

“In 1943, when I was nine,” White told WND, “I found a sheet of paper that had boxes on it and my father was checking off things he was doing to me. He grabbed it away from me and put it in a brown envelope.

“It was a form with little boxes down the left side of the page, and a list of statements describing sexual acts. He was supposed to check things off, whether he did that or not.

“One of the statements included the words ‘timed orgasm.’ I didn’t know what ‘orgasm’ meant, so I asked him and he told me. That’s why he was using a stopwatch.


Esther White’s data
would also have appeared in this table from Kinsey’s 1953 book on female
sexual behavior

“My dad took movies of what he did to me. They were home movies, the camera was one of those wind-up types. … I think he sent them to Kinsey.

“Kinsey did interview me, he asked me some questions, things like whether I loved my family. My father had told me what I needed to say to him, we wanted to make a good impression. I found out later we had to make a good impression because we were getting paid for this.


“Esther White” at age 9

“When Kinsey was about to leave, my grandfather said, ‘What about the check?’ Kinsey said, ‘I almost forgot,’ and I saw him give my grandfather a check. Kinsey said ‘I made it out to both of you because I didn’t know which one was going to get the money.’ That was in the winter of 1943.”

Researcher Judith Reisman, Ph.D., began raising questions about how Kinsey collected the data in 1981. Since then, the Indiana University-based Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction has continually denied that Kinsey recruited child molesters to conduct ongoing research.

1952: American biologist, Alfred Charles Kinsey (1894-1956), whose pioneering investigation of human sexual behaviour resulted in two controversial studies that had far-reaching influence. (Photo by Bert Garai/Keystone Features/Getty Images)

“Kinsey was not a pedophile in any shape or form. He did not carry out experiments on children; he did not hire, collaborate, or persuade people to carry out experiments on children,” according to an early 1990s document currently cited on the Kinsey website in a section titled, “Allegations about Childhood data in the 1948 book, ‘Sexual Behavior
in the Human Male.’”

“Kinsey never carried out experiments on the sexual responses of children or employed or trained anyone else to do so for him,” wrote former Institute director John Bancroft, M.D., in a 2005 article, “Alfred Kinsey’s work 50 years on,” currently available on the Kinsey Institute website.

At least one former Kinsey Institute director, however, departed from this line, according to Barber. Kinsey’s successor, Paul Gebhard, Ph.D., assumed the leadership of the Kinsey Institute when Kinsey died, and ran the organization from 1956 to 1982.

“Kinsey’s colleague, Gebhard, acknowledged they were coordinating with nursery school directors and operators and parents and grandparents of these kids to obtain the so-called research,” Barber told WND. “He admitted they knowingly were collaborating with these people as they molested the children, and were making use of the fruit of the poisonous tree in Kinsey’s research.

“There’s pre-Kinsey and post-Kinsey,” Barber continued. “Unfortunately we live in a post-Kinsey world and have suffered as a culture tremendously for it … the U.S. Supreme Court has cited Kinsey’s research in Romer, Lawrence v Texas, and other decisions having to do with sexual orientation. Those decisions were made based on fraudulent information from Alfred Kinsey and his brood of perverts.” Kinsey’s research findings have been used to change laws regarding sex around the world.

Crouse told WND people today “think he’s the research guru who knew everything about sex.

“Only a handful of academics understand how fraudulent he was,” she said.

“He had very limited sampling, he did not follow the correct academic procedure for having legitimate samples. He used an extraordinary amount of personal stories about sexual behavior. He was a pseudo-scientist, a fraud, though his work is still cited in academia.

“People don’t realize the people in Kinsey’s studies were not normal, average Americans. They were prostitutes, criminals, the only folks willing to be involved in such slimy research. It was not legitimate research at all. It has been one of the biggest hoaxes perpetrated against the American people in our history.”

White compared Kinsey’s research to the U.S. government’s 1940s syphilis research in Guatemala, which elicited a flood of Obama administration apologies on Oct. 1.

“I think the experimentation done with government funding is an ongoing issue,” White told WND. “That’s what was going on with Kinsey. Scientific experimentation. They didn’t care about people, they cared about statistics. I was a statistic just like those people in Guatemala were.”

Reisman pointed out that the U.S. government apologized for what it did in Guatemala, “but that was all over long ago.”

“This was all done in the United States and still is being used to gut our laws and destroy our morality,” she said. “He is still the father of the sexual revolution and all that flows from it. And poor ‘Esther’ just stands there and says ‘What about me, what about all the people this was done to?’”

Robert Knight, director of a 1995 documentary, “The Children of Table 34,” which addressed the Kinsey controversy, said Esther’s testimony “scratches the surface of one of the 20th Century’s greatest and most enduring scandals.”

“Millions have been hurt by the false view of sexuality hatched in criminal fashion by Alfred Kinsey and his associates,” Knight said. “If Esther’s story and that of other victims was widely known, the Kinsey castle would come crashing down, bringing with it a sex education establishment dedicated to raping children’s innocence, plying them with condoms and pushing them toward either the abortion clinic or a gay bar.”

Reisman noted that the lead expert witness in the lawsuit challenging California’s pro-traditional marriage Proposition 8 initiative cited Kinsey.

“It’s like quoting Mengele for medical expertise, and everybody just accepts it,” Reisman said. “The Kinsey Institute just published a new study about children’s orgasms, and everybody just accepts it. I feel like I’m in ‘Alice in Wonderland.’”

Knight said the Kinsey researchers “were aiding and abetting child molestation.”

“Their hands are dirty and they need to be exposed,” said Knight, currently a senior writer for Coral Ridge Ministries. “It’s so bad, they can’t admit to it. It’s crushing. So the charade goes on.”

Reisman told WND the Kinsey Institute is so afraid of being sued by the victims of the Kinsey research, it has repeatedly threatened to destroy its files if brought to court.

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