The Empire Strikes Back!

La Costa, CA
December 25, 2016

by Rich Scheck

With Cass Sunstein no longer working in Washington, two of his clones in Congress
introduced a bill that is the equivalent of Orwell’s Ministry of Truth:

Instead of—or in addition to—Sunstein’s “cognitive interventions” we now have the
high prospect of official censorship because Obama signed legislation sponsored by
Senators Portman and Murphy to counter foreign “disinformation and propaganda.”

The battle to stop “fake news” will soon escalate, especially since the Left is still reeling
from its defeat by Donald Trump. Rather than taking responsibility for their own failures
and the incredible weakness of candidate Clinton, the Democrats have blamed the
Russians, FBI Director Comey and the alternative news for their loss.

But the issue of truth-telling goes far beyond the dynamics of the 2016 election. The list
of likely lies and false narratives that have impacted the way our government operates is
comprehensive and goes to the heart of defining who we are as Americans.

Manifest Destiny as a pretext for “killing the Indians and stealing their land” stands side by side with slavery as crucial factors in forming our national psyche.

Today we have Global Manifest Destiny rationalized by American Exceptionalism that we
use to invade foreign countries and promote regime change. Often these actions are based
on what Webster Tarpley calls “synthetic terror” or false flag events that provide the pretext for our imperial interventions.

The most current example is obviously the 9/11 attacks: more than 15 years after that
tragedy, we are still fighting wars based on lies in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya
and elsewhere.

Under the new law, the ability of those challenging the official narrative is likely to come up against even greater resistance than it already has. The National Security State, relying on secrecy and disinformation (can you say “fake news”) needs to protect itself from scrutiny while perpetuating the kind of massive corruption one sees in the CIA and Clinton Foundation.

Other examples of government lies abound: the assassination of JFK; the Gulf of Tonkin
attack; the death of Osama bin Laden; even Pearl Harbor are all the subject of careful
scrutiny by scholars and internet bloggers whose research challenges what we are told
really happened.

All of these and countless other topics like vaccines, GMO foods, chem-trails and UFOs
can now be dismissed more easily as mere “conspiracy theories” and/or the product of
foreign propaganda. This is why Alex Jones calls it an “Infowar!”

The Empire feels threatened and is now striking back! Where will Donald Trump be in
this debate? As the most prominent “Birther” to question Obama’s birth certificate and
as the man who hinted during the primaries at major funny business by George Bush
regarding 9/11, how will he deal with this new Act when it comes to working with the
Russians in Syria and elsewhere?

Will Trump embrace the official line of Russian “aggression” in Ukraine? Will he make
any effort to expose the well-documented funding of ISIS by the West? Will he re-open
the 9/11 investigation as his pal Roger Stone has urged him to? Or will he now suppress
efforts at truth-telling and whistle-blowing by the likes of WikiLeaks that helped him win
by documenting Clinton’s lies?

We shall see soon enough. My guess is that he will abandon his rhetoric of putting America
first and continue to pursue a globalist agenda.

Unless he steps up and alters the direction we are heading in, our future will look more and more like The Hunger Games, a dystopian, Huxwellian world of endless wars for peace, non- stop entertainment to distract us from knowing what is done in our name and a series of official narratives disguised as the truth to mold our cooperation with a government that is the essence of tyranny.

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