Did Rudy Giuliani really post the PIZZAGATE statement and tweets?

Even if Giuliani did not post the tweets, why did Twitter close his account?

This breaking story is as explosive as it
comes regarding PIZZAGATE, if its true!

State of the Nation

Something very BIG just happened… MAYBE!

By all appearances, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani may have just left the NWO reservation—FOREVER!

If he did not, then perhaps he has just gone rogue on PIZZAGATE… and 9/11.

However, it’s also possible that this is fabricated fake news designed to draw the whole of Alt Media in to a HUGE journalism scandal.

SOTN does not yet know if Rudy’s statement and tweets are authentic

One thing is absolutely certain, no one at Giuliani’s level is ever allowed to expose such radioactive 9/11 truth.  They do so on pain of death…after weeks of torture as a standing threat to others thinking of going rogue.

Likewise, he would never be permitted to reveal his thought and feeling about PIZZAGATE, except on pain of death and torture, etc.

Hence, this post is more of a plea for assistance than it is a news report.  It regards the following tweets which were posted on Giuliani’s Twitter account before it was shut down.

BOMBSHELL: Rudy Giuliani Leaves The Reservation, Goes Rogue With Tweets On PIZZAGATE

The shut-down occurred because the information shown at the preceding link is so radioactive that, if true, the NWO ruling cabal is literally coming apart at the seams.

Yes, it’s that serious and much more.  Obviously, were the following statement to have been written by Giuliani and posted on Twitter, his life would be in grave danger.

PIZZAGATE: An Official Statement From Rudy Giuliani

Did Rudy Giuliani really post the PIZZAGATE statement and tweets?

Anyone who is able to conduct the necessary forensic analysis which can determine conclusively the authenticity of any of Rudy Giuliani’s recent posts is asked to email us here: InvestigatePizzagate@gmail.com.

This matter is truly of the gravest concern for all PIZZAGATE investigators and journalist.  The information that he has released, as a former prosecutor and U.S Attorney, stands as highly credible testimony from a VIP in the law enforcement arena.  That’s very BIG.

If Rudy has in fact left the Illuminati reservation, then the first overt crack has opened up in the wall of perennial silence about the true horrors this global child exploitation operation.

State of the Nation
December 20, 2016

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