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by spoor

At the moment three persons have been linked to PEGASUS:

PEGASUS is all about the building at the back alley of 3518 REAR 11th Street NW in DC:

A timeline of how PEGASUS evolved:

  • May 27 2014 John Kreher registers HERECOMESYOURMANLLC in Delaware (imgPNGurlarch).
  • May 27 2014 John Kreher and Alefantis register a branch under the same name in DC (imgPNGurlarch).
  • Jun 16 2014 Alefantis registers CASTELLUM ACHILLES LLC (imgPNGurlarch).
  • Jul 25 2014 CASTELLUM ACHILLES LLC buys 3518 REAR 11TH Street NW in DC (imgPNGurl (open twice)).
  • Nov 15 2014 Alefantis posts image on Instagram of John Kreher and another person looking at hole in floor imgJPGarch
  • Dec 24 2014 Alefantis posts image of two guys breaking up the floor and digging in the building imgJPGarch
  • Jan 6 2015 Alefantis gets building permits for the building (imgPNGurl) and applies for one that is ultimately cancelled on Feb 8 2016 (imgPNGurl)
  • Oct 7 2015 More building permits (imgPNGurl).
  • Jun 30 2016 More building permits (imgPNGurl).
  • Jul 28 2016 Alefantis adds a MUSEUM named PEGASUS to google maps (imgPNGimgPNGimgPNGlinkgoogle mapmaker (Note: you need to login to see the edits, also note that when you login your username is ‘Anonymous_1234′)).
  • Oct 2016 Alefantis reviews the MUSEUM 5 stars (’2 months ago’ on Dec 12) (imgPNG).
  • Oct 4/5 2016 Valerie Wiseman posts image on Instagram showing a mattress in the building alley (imgJPGarchstreetview).
  • Oct 4/5 2016 An image showing the view from a window in the building at the alley side (imgJPGarchstreetview).
  • Oct 4/5 2016 An image showing a ‘Dick boyz’ tag in the alley (imgJPGarchstreetview).
  • Oct 8 2016 An image showing the view from a window in the building at the playground side, comment ‘Peeking’ (imgJPGarchstreetview).
  • Oct 11 2016 A screenshot showing she uses the ‘Dick boyz’ tag as background on her phone ((imgJPGarch)).
  • Oct 17 2016 An image showing her cat with PEGASUS wings (imgJPGarch)
  • Nov 1 2016 Valerie Wiseman updates her website listing PEGASUS (and Comet and Buck’s) as active projects (urlarchive) (date approx, from pizza.png foursquare timestamp srcPNGtimePNG)
  • Nov 7 2016 An image of a Hillary-photobooth-picture at the 10y Comet Ping Pong party (imgJPGarchive).
  • Nov 7 2016 An image showing a ‘Fuck swag’ tag on the garage next to the building, comment ‘Amirite?’ (imgJPGarchivestreetview).
  • Dec 13 2016 Valerie Wiseman posts strange ambiguous statement about pizzagate (urlarchive):

How do I use words to describe the past few weeks? Careless words and reckless actions got us here, but also so did silence and indecision. The gray area doesn’t exist anymore, but everything is also a little gray, right? Can I ‘give it a minute’ if there aren’t any [is this how I finally learn to be present]? Let’s eat pizza and drink beer and make some art with all this shit. Comet, you are so much more than your google.


  • Valerie Wiseman’s instagram pictures were cached oct 16(archPNG), oct 21(archPNG) and nov 8 (arch). Also, she was following comet before making her account private: cacheimgPNG.
  • About the two indoor construction pictures. User ‘room11dc’ comments about ‘doing a pop-up there’, Room 11 is a bar nearby PEGASUS: imgPNG, also hereJPG an excellent analysis part of this site report.
  • All the building permits were issued for SSL (square suffix lot) 2833 0099 while the property is at SSL 2833 0817, also work seems to have started before any permits were obtained.
  • MUSEUM, PEGASUS, CASTELLUM ACHILLES all fit the ANCIENT GREECE theme (including sometimes pedo references) that seems to be recurring in Alefantis’ dealings. In this context CASTELLUM’s meaning of watchtower (src) and the location of the building overlooking a playground may lead you to believe it is used for spying on kids, LIKE THISPNG (streetview) in nov 2016, the van and car parked in front suggest it’s probably maintenance, right? :)imgPNGstreetview.
  • Because this surely will come up: A couple of red marks exist around the property which have been suggested to have meaning, especially the kids tag is odd in our context. (Un)fortunately they have been around long before the property was bought. Curb, since 2014, obstructed from view earlierKids, since 2011(lol @ squirrel on stairs)Alley entrance, since 2009
  • Construction work: You can track the process of the construction work on the outside pretty well from google streetview, it’s historic imagery, bing streetside; it goes too far to extensively document everything here unless a reason emerges.

In retrospect:

Now what to make of all this? Starting a few companies to buy and fix up a building over a period of 2-3 years seems pretty legit. Then again, if any pedo/traficking/whatever activity is going on it would obviously be under the guise of a pretty legit cover. An Art Gallery or Museum or whatever it is could very well have private rooms and limited opening hours to provide for that, having it fixed up and decorated by two friends from the same social circles would then also be a good idea. The isolated and anonymous location would also be a plus, then again it is close to some trendy places like the mentioned Room 11, who then again also moves in the same Instagram circles that was littered with pedo references.

In that case i’d say it’s just a convenient temporary location for whatever situation may suddenly arise, for more extreme theories there are plenty of remote locations in the countryside or whatever that are far better suited. The Ancient Greece + Pedo theme is something I can not deny, especially Alefantis’ Instagram avatar in context of his Instagram comments. In this case the CASTELLUM / Watchtower overlooking a playground also is something I am unable to totally dismiss. The november streetview pic with the guy actually spying on kids from the roof window almost makes you wonder if Alefantis and a streetview buddy are messing with us…

Wiseman doesn’t seem too suspicious but does have an odd preference for photo subjects concerning this place, also her statement on pizzagate is pretty damn weird. Keher has his own topic (linked on top) which I did not dig through completely but there may be something.

I will not respond too much to all comments here but do read everything and will add updates or a new post if it amounts to enough. Thanks for your attention.

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