Why the Basements and Tunnels in and around the Comet Ping Pong Pizza Parlor?


by Elliot Bougis
Conservative Daily Post



It’s not the most common sport, but I was fortunate enough to be on my high school’s rowing team from middle school until I graduated. Rowing is a wonderful sport, but it’s not for everybody.

If you think about it, almost all of us grow up running, jumping, throwing, catching, climbing, grappling, riding bikes, and swimming. Almost none of us grows up trying to pull on massive oars in unison with three or seven other people.

In fact, the mechanics of rowing are so unique that I like to joke that rowing is the “non-athlete’s sport.” As a rowing coach now, I don’t know how many young rowers I’ve seen who are totally uncoordinated and uninterested in conventional sports but who “find their niche” in the strange, backward-facing sport of rowing.

So, while it’s a thing of beauty to see a young “crew” come together over a season and start to move the boat instead of just thrash at the water, rowing is so delicate that a single missed stroke can throw everyone else off.

When errors like that happen in the last few hundred meters of a race, there’s usually no recovering.

Like a piece of yarn caught on a kitten’s claw, the whole thing starts to unravel.

And once the boat becomes frantic, everyone else starts making “unforced errors,” sometimes which are bad enough to literally sink the boat.

Pardon my nostalgia for rowing but there’s a serious point I’m making: many things in life are just as complex and delicate as rowing. Once those things, whether good or evil, start to unravel at the worst times, there’s usually no coming back from it. Once a young man and a woman fall in love, there’s almost no keeping them apart; yet, once the seed of distrust is planted in their marriage years later, it’s almost impossible to nurse it back to health.

More to the point, once a good detective catches a suspect in one false claim, he starts to find more and more clues until the whole plot gets exposed. The wrongdoers start making unforced errors. Start drawing attention to themselves. And then something comes to light that sinks the whole boat.

Is Andrew Breitbart helping us from the grave?

This and other Podesta-related tweets by the late Andrew Breitbart from 2011 came to light last week, surely as a result of the scandal we’re about to explore (yet again). Clearly, Breitbart knew the score, which is why he “was died” less than a year later, and why his coroner died of poisoning only two months after Breitbart’s autopsy.

“What’s in your closet, John Podesta?”

As you might know, I have been covering “Pizzagate” for weeks, i.e., the pedophilia and sex trafficking ring exposed by Wikileaks in “the Podesta emails.” I will not recap the whole case now, but you should know that this “crazy conspiracy theory” is starting to gain mainstream attention.

One of the central figures in the “insane” theory is James Alefantis, owner of multiple properties in the D.C. area, including Ping Pong Comet Pizza and Besta Pizza. He is very close to the Democratic elite circle, and thus good friends with the Podesta brothers, John and Tony. The online speculation has become so well known that Alefantis felt the need to refute it in a Washington Times interview this month.

In addition, no less a mainstream source than USA Today recently reported on the allegations of child rape being leveled against a major DNC “bundler” (fundraiser and advocate). Likewise, although our MSM is still too compromised to “go there,” a couple weeks ago Australia’s 60 Minutes produced a devastating expose of the global pedophilia ring in the UK, implicating dozens of top politicians, businessmen, and other elites.

For many years this evil “crew” has been enjoying what looks like an untouchable lead, gaining power and cover with each stroke of their oars. But then, as if a string caught on a curious claw, the shroud of secrecy is unraveling before our eyes.

Like this, care of the tireless lay researchers at Reddit.

The video you’re about to see was taken across the street from the Comet Ping Pong pizza shop. It was filmed in 2007 by some guy for unrelated insurance purposes. In the video (beginning around 0:35) you can hear a child screaming “Help me!” and “Hey, I’m in here!” or perhaps “I’m down here!”

Now, one objection is that it’s just background noise from other kids playing, since, after all, Comet Pizza touts itself as a “kid-friendly” diner. (Far too friendly to kids, in fact.) The problem is that we hear one child screaming, not many children playing.


Remember: our fight is not against mere flesh and blood, but again spiritual forces as well.

Others object that it is the child walking with his parents past the ping pong table. But the child shows no signs of acting up and the screaming doesn’t change in volume when he comes into view and then disappears.

Further, notice how the father seems to stagger a little bit and look over his shoulder, as if he senses something is not right but he can’t pinpoint the source of the sound. Surely his paternal instincts would respond to a child screaming, and he shows no indication that his own child is screaming.

In addition, the sound is somewhat muffled but is too clear to have come from inside the restaurant across the street. More likely the sounds are coming from an underground tunnel near the camera. Standing on a sidewalk the noise from the cars would have drowned out the screams, but the man filming held the camera close enough to the ground to pick up the haunting screams.

A Reddit researcher attempted to isolate voices and reduce noise. Listen for yourself: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1PgXSsHIDVL

Secret tunnels might sound like a comic book fabrication, but a key part of this mystery is the fact that there are abandoned underground transit tunnels under Alefantis’s properties, as well as in many places throughout America.

In fact, here are two photos from James “jimmycomet” Alefantis himself showing tunnels being connected or fortified (or hidden?) at the Comet Pizza property.



There are no public records showing Alefantis or properties near his on Connecticut Ave. applied for building permits with the D.C. government.


Some of the “big picture” of this chilling D.C. cartel.

The abandoned tunnels are such a key part of the investigation, in fact, that Wesearchr has created a research “bounty” for video proof that they exist.


The original sponsor of the bounty, comedian Sam Hyde, was given a tip on Twitter just yesterday:


If you see a boat of kids sinking, you would try to help them in any way you can. Now that you’ve got these drowning children screaming for help, do what you can. Tell people about this scandal. Contact your local politicians and law enforcement agencies if you have any information. Donate to the Wesearchr bounty. Each of us can help Make America Great Again in our own little ways!


A lot to digest here ^ but please try to know the facts and share this article!


Screenshot of the famous Andrew Breitbart tweet in case it gets removed by Twitter.


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