Facebook Goes Rogue

Facebook Proves Itself To Be Another CIA-Managed Media Experiment

At this point who would be surprised that Facebook was caught conducting an “Emotional Response” experiment on its unsuspecting account-holders.  When even CNN weighs in on the matter you know that the social engineers at Facebook have really crossed the line. However, throughout the unscrupulous realm of mainstream media, it’s getting caught that is viewed as the much greater transgression, not the unethical behavior itself.

“Internet users have reacted angrily to news that Facebook researchers manipulated the content some users were shown in an attempt to gauge their emotional response.”[1]


In the final analysis, Facebook will be regarded as a massive data-mining operation conceived, coordinated and overseen by the US Federal Government agency that is responsible for intelligence gathering. After all isn’t that why they call it the Central Intelligence Agency?

The ongoing internet-wide “Facebook Operation” will gone down in the annals of hidden history as the largest Blackop, and now Psyop, of all time.

Michael Thomas
June 30, 2014


[1] Internet outraged by Facebook’s mood experiment


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