US Southwestern Borders Are Flung Wide Open: Cui Bono?

Illegal Aliens Flooding Through the Southwestern Border Of USA: Obama Does Nothing

“Word has spread around the world that the Obama administration “refuses” to enforce the country’s immigration laws”, House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte said Wednesday.[1]

If ever there was a lawless policy deliberately implemented by the Obama Administration it is the “Open Borders” currently being executed across the Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California borders. Never in Americian history has a US president flouted federal law with such impunity.

Even the Republican-dominated House seems powerless to compel Obama to simply enforce immigration laws that have been on the books for decades. Here’s how one congressman put it:

“These individuals know that the Administration’s policy of non-enforcement of our immigration laws presents a golden opportunity for unaccompanied minors and families with minors to come to the U.S., most likely to be released with very little chance of ever being removed,” Goodlatte said.

“Apparently, word has gotten out that once encountered by Border Patrol agents and processed, thanks to this Administration’s lax enforcement policies, one will likely never be removed,” he said.[1]

Immigration of Illegal Aliens Causing Multiple Crises

With a surge at the southwestern borders of illegal crossing, there has been a brewing healthcare crisis in the making that is now out of control. In addition to the many sick children in need of medical intervention, many of these illegals are coming from desperate situations made by joblessness, homelessness, drug addiction, criminal activity, etc. Often is the case that they have health problems and medical issues that are serious and in need of immediate treatment. This predicament is posing a dramatic influx of visitors to ERs across the Southwest thereby straining an already stressed healthcare system due to Obamacare.

This uncontrollable mass exodus across the borders is also permitting many criminal elements from Mexico, as well as from other nations in Central and South America, to evade prosecution in their home countries. This worsening problem is taxing law enforcement way beyond its limits. It is also contributing to a significant rise in all types of crime in those states with the greatest illegal aliens populations, especially close to the Mexican border.

States like California are being overwhelmed by demands for social services from illegal immigrants. Despite the fact that they are not citizens, these aliens have demanded driver licensestuition grants and scholarships, entry into law school, as well as many other benefits which have historically been privileges of US citizenship.

US Border Patrol Prevented From Doing Its Job

What is driving this illegal and irrational policy coming out of Washington? Is it just more Obama lawlessness?

There are three HUGE issues, among many, which are driving this policy over the cliff.

#1 When a corporate employer sends in the SSN identification for any illegal immigrant whom they wish to employ, they will receive a response that the SSN is either bogus or authentic. In the vast majority of cases the SSN # is fake. Therefore, the employer knows that it can hire the individual and collect all the taxes — federal, state, social security, unemployment, etc. — yet the employees, whose SSN are bogus, will never be able to collect on any of these programs.
Given this common ploy, the federal and state coffers are filling up at the expense of the employee who  pays these various taxes with no benefit over decades.

#2 The Federal Reserve Bank underwrites a bond, so to speak, for every single Social Security Number that is issued by  the Social Security Adminstration. Each person who submits an application for an SSN becomes a producing asset valued at a dollar amount that averages approximately $1.5 million per individual per lifetime. The FED, as it is known, is then allowed to produce Federal Reserve Notes that are ‘backed’ by this fraudulent value, thereby inflating its collapsing balance sheet during these years of relentless quantitative easing and economic depression.
Therefore, the Federal Reserve System has a very strong interest in seeing issued as many SSNs as possible, since the asset side of its balance sheet improves — on paper only — with this accounting manipulation. Hence, they and their multitude of government surrogates and corporate proxies, especially within the mainstream media (MSM), are aggressively pushing down border policing and immigration law enforcement at every opportunity.

#3 The major corporations of the USA, likewise, have a great incentive to see the borders opened.  They see lots of cheap labor coming from Mexico, and have been given the green light to exploit it as they have for decades.  These illegal immigrant laborers are willing to work for a fraction of what the average American citizen will work for.
In light of this reality, and other economic dynamics at work, the corporate stranglehold over the MSM will make it very difficult for We the People to have our voices heard on this matter.  Forces throughout Corporate America are, in fact, responsible for galvanizing the current movement for open borders because they are essentially stateless institutions.  They have no loyalty to anyone but their shareholders.  Most of them would probably be in favor of a North American Union, which would forever alter the employment landscape of the USA, should it manifest.

What can be done to short-circuit Obama’s policy of lawlessness?

John Boehner to Sue Obama Over Abuse of Executive Powers

Michael Thomas
June 26, 2014


[1] Goodlatte: ‘Obama Fiddles While Our Borders Implode’


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