Why does Comet’s James Alefantis feature a photo of Antinous on his Instagram?

“jimmycomet” — the Instagram account for James Alefantis — has posted the photo of Antinous on multpile occasions


From the video exposé titled: 30 Things We Know about PizzaGate

State of the Nation

Just who was Antinous?


The same Wikipedia page goes onto say:

Lambert described Antinous as “the one person who seems to have connected most profoundly with Hadrian” throughout the latter’s life.[17]  Hadrian’s marriage to Sabina was unhappy,[18] and there is no reliable evidence that he ever expressed a sexual attraction for women, in contrast to much reliable early evidence that he was sexually attracted to boys and young men.[19]   For centuries, pederasty had long been socially acceptable among Greece’s leisured and citizen classes, with an older erastes (aged between 20 and 40) undertaking a caring sexual relationship with an eromenos (aged between 12 and 18) and taking a key role in their education;[20] and Hadrian took Antinous as a favoured servant when they were aged about 48 and 13.  Such a societal institution of pederasty was not indigenous to Roman culture, although bisexuality was the norm in the upper echelons of Roman society by the early 2nd century.[21]
(Source: Antinous)

The preceding video goes on to point out that the very same name and photos/pics of are associated with numerous pizza parlors across the USA.  Now why is that?

What follows is more highlighted language from the same Wikipedia excerpt concerning pederasty.  Pederasty is defined specifically as the physical homosexual relationship between an adult male and a passive boy.

“The commonly accepted reference definitions of pederasty refer to a sexual relationship, or to copulation, between older and younger males. The OED offers: “Homosexual relations between a man and a boy; homosexual anal intercourse, usually with a boy or younger man as the passive partner.”
(Source: Pederasty)

screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-6-02-46-pm screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-6-02-59-pm


Perhaps Mr. Alefantis has taken to using the very same advertising method that many proponents of pederasty have.  They simply use names and pics which advertise their sexual orientation and preferences.  There is no hiding it as most really do not care who knows about their illicit sexual pursuits and they actually encourage the reputation (for obvious reasons).

Since Obama became POTUS, there has been a remarkable underground initiative undertaken by those who have long wanted to legalize pederasty.  There is also a similar endeavor to legitimize sex between an adult a consenting underage girl.  As if a 7-year-old has the capacity to give their rational consent.

Do you see where all this is going?

State of the Nation
December 12, 2016


James Achilles Alefantis And His Comet Ping Pong Network

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