PIZZAGATE and the Vince Foster Murder Mystery

The Secret Key to Unlocking PIZZAGATE
is Understanding the Reason Behind the
Murder of Clinton Counsel Vince Foster

Clinton Operative David Brock is prominently configured in the
cover-up of Vince Foster and was also the gay lover of Comet
Ping Pong’s James Alefantis also known as Mr. Pizzagate.


Murder Mystery

How crude, audacious and reckless,
Right under the President’s seal!
What was a living Vincent Foster
Such a threat to reveal?

In light of the people they’ve had to suborn
And investigations to rig,
It must have been something truly ugly,
And something terribly big.

— David Martin

* * *

Comment and screenshot below submitted to SOTN:

“One of the journalists who took part in the Foster murder cover-up was David Brock, the former lover of James Alefantis. Brock wrote on page 223 of his book “Blinded by the Right” that Patrick Knowlton was a “self discrediting witness.”  In truth Knowlton was a crucial witness who suffered witness intimidation.  The US Court of Appeals ordered Starr, over his objection, to include 20 pages from Knowlton in his report on the death of Foster.   Those pages included evidence of the cover-up and witness intimidation.  The US press never reported this Appendix to the report on Foster’s death.”


*See more relevant research at the following website:

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