Why are PIZZAGATE YouTube videos being censored on Facebook

Chinese-Style Internet Censorship Deployed in US

by Forbidden Knowledge TV 

I’m shaken to report that it is impossible for me to share videos by journalist, David Seaman through the WordPress platform. All mirrors of the clip would not embed, either. When downloaded and uploaded to Facebook, that re-encoded clip also wouldn’t embed. I can still embed videos about prosaic topics, just fine. 


I’ve never seen anything quite like this. There is evidently something in the YouTube code that prevents certain videos about this subject from being shared on WordPress blogs, even after they’re downloaded and uploaded to Facebook. I think this indicates that there is something very serious going on. 


In August 2011, I had my mass email account deleted without warning, because, according to them, “one of the three largest ISPs” had threatened to block all traffic coming from that service if they didn’t delete my account, after I made a post about SmartMeters. About a year and a half ago, I had my nifty revenue stream unceremoniously shut off without any warning from Google AdSense. And now this.


Welcome to the world of “Fake News”, a concerning development which indicates that the US is marching towards Chinese-style Internet censorship.


Many reading this are aware of the pernicious propaganda campaign launched a week ago this Monday, when the MSM closed ranks and began bombarding the pubic with its new “Fake News” motif. 


The CIA weaponized the term “Conspiracy Theory” in 1967 but the “Conspiracy Theory” weapon just isn’t cutting it, anymore. Last week heralded the launch of “Fake News”. 


It’s all good, because Obama legalized propaganda against the people of the US in his NDAA, back in 2012.


Both of the two excellent websites linked above made a community college professor’s blacklist, which received entirely too much mainstream media attention. Then, the Washington Post endorsed this heinous site last week.


This clip covers the NY Times’ article that defended the owner of Comet Pizza the other day. (The Washington Post published one of these, as well). It was not written by an investigative journalist but by Cecilia Kang who pops up in 133 of John Podesta’s emails published by WikiLeaks. She’d previously written articles about AirBnB, Uber and reviews for Samsung phones. Is Kang yet another one of the paid “Hillary workers disguised as reporters,” to quote John Podesta?


The NY Times has slunk to irredeemable lows and they’re not doing anything to stop their own death spiral. Their ad revenues last quarter are down 20% – and with articles like the one mentioned, I’ve got the popcorn ready to spectate them and their scumbag ilk, while they crash and burn.


Yesterday’s vlog is by journalist, David Seaman who was fired last August by HuffPo because he  expressed doubts about Hillary’s health. He’s written for BusinessInsider and other respected online publications. He believes that the “Fake News” campaign was launched specifically to distract from the emerging DC pedophilia scandal and I agree.


Pedophilia and the attendant blackmail have afflicted governments for decades. The Hacktivist group, Anonymous claims that Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” and “Orgy Island” are/were a blackmail operation backed by the mossad, which if you look into Epstein’s background, as the longtime accountant of multi-billionaire, Les Wexner  is plausible.


The #PizzaGate story and the traction that it is receiving from lots of young people and parents represent the possibility that that there may finally be some light cast on this grave issue, in the US. (There have been big recent exposés in both the UK and Australia).


It might be a good idea to check on the welfare of the alleged goddaughter of James Alefantis, whose photos, as both an infant and a toddler were posted numerous times to his Instagram account, accompanied by lewd, suggestive comments, including #hotard.All of those who commented and liked Alefantis’ posts are childless, including Arun Rao, Assistant US Attorney, whose jurisdiction in Maryland focuses child pornography and racketeering cases (!)


Thousands of concerned individuals have studied the Podesta emails and the people and businesses revealed and their connections, which ALL go back to the Clintons, their campaign manager, their other appointees and senior advisers.


Many independent investigators are hopping mad and feel that the case merits a legal investigation. 


I’m sending you straight to YouTube,because David Seaman’s posts are being blocked by the WordPress platform.

Video: (14 mins)

Satanic PizzaGate Is Going Viral Worldwide


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