Trump’s National Security Advisor Has Questions About Pizzagate

Will General Flynn Bust the DC Pizzagate Pedophile Ring?


The New Nationalist (TNN) is calling for a serious investigation of what is generally called #Pizzagate. Regular readers know #Pizzagate refers to extremely revealing leaked emails, highly suggestive instagram photos of little children, depraved artwork and pedophile symbols, all revolving around various Clinton operatives including campaign chief John Podesta and his brother Andrew. The emails and the cast of characters involved suggest a sex, or worse, a pedo ring. The following video covers the turf on this situation. For those with a shorter attention span or who are pressed for time, skip to 6:00.

We also know that the usual suspects (aka Crime Syndicate) has recently geared up a counterattack to cover up their crimes and activities. It’s a shadow-language concoction now referred to as “fake news” [see “The Big Brother Campaign: Zimdars Fake News Hit List“].

Inquiring minds should note that none other than Donald Trump’s new National Security Adviser, Lt. Gen Mike Flynn, has revealed he has information about the child sex-ring story. On Nov.2 and 4, Flynn sent out two tweets concerning this. Notice that Flynn even uses the hashtag #spiritcooking. I have looked at General Flynn’s tweeter account and the messages are still there. In subsequent emails, Flynn continually refers to “protecting our children,” suggesting we haven’t heard the last of this from him.


From everything TNN has observed so far, this is a very deep rabbit hole and is very much a national security threat and issue. It appears the pedos have infiltrated and infested various arms of government and, in particular, the U.S. Justice Department. Will Flynn be among the white hats to investigate and break these cases wide open? This will be a critical tell.


Will Pizzagate only be used to blackmail and control Trump political opponents? What happens if an investigation reveals that the pedophile ring is bi-partisan and turns up more powerful people? Or is a “new thing” about to happen, something that in the now-forgotten past was called truth and justice? Will justice and veritas be served, or is the control so dark and evil that only injustice is possible?

Meanwhile, the usual suspects have launched a smear campaign against Flynn. One rag used the headline “Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security adviser, believes fake news and partisan conspiracy theories.” Doth protest too loudly.

Vox: Yet Flynn, clearly, has a lot of difficulty figuring out what information is worthwhile. He seems willing to believe things as absurd as Clinton being involved in a child sex ring, based on a fake news article peppered with transparently silly quotes (one example: “‘What’s in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach,’ the NYPD Chief said.”)

There is much more going on here than a quote from a police chief. There should be a fundamental force that will prevail in the Pizzagate travesty: the truth. General Flynn, you have been issued fightin’ words and your intregrity and decency have been insulted. There is a solution: you (unlike us peons) are in a position to investigate and reveal veritas. From what I and many others see, the truth is there to be exposed. Lock and load General. Bring this horrific ring down. Senta o dado, protect our children!

TNN’s SWAG:  Flynn and the new DOJ may throw a few of the more blatant pedos like James “Comet” Alifantis and maybe some Soros ops, like David Brock (Alifantis’s ex-homosexual boyfriend) under the bus — but then clear the Podesta brothers — and then cover for the more powerful players in the pedo ring. Then, they can run a little victory lap, compromise all the rest and conduct business as usual.


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