Field McConnell Has Warned Trump About Clinton Snuff Films On UK Zulu Bridge With Hotel Serco 8(a) SCIF?

Abel Danger has warned Donald Trump about the UK’s alleged use of Federal Bridge Certification Authority to broadcast snuff films where Serco appears to use 8(a) protege agents to track victims apparently selected by donors to the Clinton Foundation through sensitive compartmented information facilities (‘SCIF’) in hotel Zulu time. Recall that Clinton Foundation has twice used a specific USAF U-2 Spy Plane, 80-1076, to kill blacks. AD alleges that Serco 8(a) agents used Marriott and Starwood Hotel SCIFs to track the hijackers of AA Flight 77 – a Boeing 757 aircraft made by federal bridge mentor Boeing – on 9/11 and spot fix times of their deaths at Sep. 12 2001 17:37:19! U S Marine Field McConnell – Global Ops Director of Abel Danger –has offered to serve as a five-star general in a Trump administration to destroy sensitive compartmented information facilities apparently deployed by Serco 8(a) agents in Hotel 9/11 or to service as FAA Administrator to prevent a 9/11 Part Deux.


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