Human Trafficking Researcher In Haiti Dies Researching Clinton Caracol Complex


Friends and family are still in the dark about how and why Monica Petersen…a young researcher in human/child sex trafficking, currently working in Haiti,…was found dead in Haiti four days ago.
Strangely, her cause of death is not mentioned in any reports.

A friend of Monica reports that she was looking into child trafficking in Haiti and draws possible connections to Clinton/Rodham operations there.…

Did Monica Petersen know/discover something concerning child sex trafficking and/or Gold plundering in Haiti?
Redditers are already digging into this via at least two threads…and THIS wouldn’t be the first suspicious death, people have speculated could be Clinton-related.…

The subject of child sex trafficking and Clinton connections to it, has also been considered on conspiracy sites.
Bill’s pedophile connections have also been discussed frequently and recently.

Could this woman’s death possibly be connected to the Clintons?
Having lost the election…and currently facing growing FBI scrutiny of their activities and their foundation, could the Clintons be ‘tying up’ some potentially incriminating loose ends?

This young woman’s death is currently being looked into by many, at present…and more facts and details still need to be revealed.
Perhaps ATS’ great researchers can contribute to the body of facts which still may need to be uncovered.

At the very least, this young woman’s death, it’s timing…it’s location…and it’s close proximity to Clinton activities and rumored scandals in Haiti…is very curious.………$FILE/15SenJud0128AttachE.p df


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