Citizens use Social Media to Uncover Heinous Crimes. Where is Law Enforcement?

A picture by one of the citizen investigators raises questions. If you are the parent of this child or someone who can offer an explanation, please let us know on one of the social media threads.

A picture by one of the citizen investigators raises questions. If
you are the parent of this child or someone who can offer an
explanation, please let us know on one of the social media threads.

By Anonymous Patriots

PizzaGate has become a world-wide citizen investigation, using the power of social media and citizen vigilance, to uncover heinous crimes against children and unwilling adults that the elites and their co-opted partners use for perverted recreation, human trafficking, and satanic rituals.  Using the power of internet searches, WikiLeaks, Reddit threads, videos, and actual first hand investigations, citizens are putting together evidence that LAW ENFORCEMENT needs to investigate and make publically known that they are “on it” so that we can back off and let the professionals do their job.

Citizens will not stand down until we know that the authorities are making serious inroads to solving these crimes. And we expect FULL DISCLOSURE….no matter who the perpetrators are, even if it takes down the entire global elite and governments around the world.

Where the Media Fails, Citizens Take to Social Media

The media should be ashamed that they are not covering this story. Where is the New York Times, the Washington Post….even the National Enquirer, not to mention ANY of the cable or broadcast news shows? Will this be another incident, yet again, where the media provides cover to criminals? If so, be prepared to face a new posse in town—the Fifth Estate of citizen journalism and investigation.

In the last week, citizens around the world have been putting the pieces together in their communities. Below is just a small sampling of what citizens are uncovering:

The Comet Ping Pong summary on Reddit is a great place to go to log your investigation notes. So far the discussion has included videos, maps, internet search results, Instagram and other social media content.  This link is well worth a perusal if you want to join citizens in the investigation so that we begin to uncover new information for the authorities.

Of particular recent interest on this Reddit thread has been a questions about Arun Rao, who “was caught liking a bunch of James Alefantis’s creepy toddler insta posts.” As the post reads: “Guess what area Arun Rao’s actual job is? ASSISTANT US ATTORNEY, DOJ Supervisor of the Southern Division office for the DOJ’s DISTRICT OF MARYLAND.”

The role of this attorney at the DOJ was also questioned on this Twitter feed:



Another citizen investigator questions the role of Lisa Jackson, a former Environmental Protection Agency administrator who the citizen investigator says used an email account under the pseudonym “Richard Windsor” and who sits on the Clinton Foundation. The collage of materials can be found at the following link and could use some more investigation by citizens:


This citizen investigator claims to link the Comet Ping Pong to satanism and a website  Her video explanation is below:

Yet another citizen journalist offers another compilation of materials in a video that questions the Podestas, pizza parties, police sketches related to Madeline McCann’s abduction in Portugal. He asks what is a PIZZAPAC and how is this related to Clinton fundraising? The journalist also questions the possible connection of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia to Sterling Allen’s Global Pedophile network.  

Also offered in his video is a story written in 2007 about the CIA’s connection to the sex slave trade that may be associated with two companies in the military industrial complex. Secrets of the CIA Global Sex Slave Industry.

Of course we can expect the MSM to call us all a bunch of conspiracy theorists as the Washington City Paper writes that the alternative right has “become obsessed with a purported connection between the pizzeria and the Hillary Clinton campaign, with forum posters obsessing over everything from the restaurant’s decor to its owners.” Read story HERE.

How to Help the World-Wide Citizen Investigation  

Calling all Patriots to the job of exposing these crimes:

If you prefer to do your reporting on Instagram, this thread is on fire and offers some interesting leads

Even My Posting Career has a thread from “Millennials with Nothing Else to Loose”

A Steemit thread claims to link Andrew Kline of the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit of the DOJ to Besta Pizza, which is down the street from Comet Ping Pong in Washington:

Another Steemit thread looks at the relationship of James Achilles Alefantis, James Brock, Hillary Clinton, the Podestas, Barak Obama, George Soros, and Arun Rao to Comet Ping Pong:

Other researchers are looking beyond Washington and seeing other possible pedophile activates in Hollywood that may be related:

What is happening in your country or neighborhood?


The full disclosure that humanity is getting ready to witness is more than extraterrestrials, aliens, and Area 51.

This FULL DISCLOSURE is about the global network of human trafficking and pedophilia that has been going on since Babylon and the Roman Empire. It never stopped. It just went underground.  

In the next few weeks, the Anonymous Patriots will be providing an in-depth examination of how these activities relate to politicians, charities, refugees, military-industrial complex, off-shore abortion clinics, and much more.  

In the meantime, we need to seed the internet with as much as we can from citizen investigations. In this way we will “overwhelm the system” (to use a little Cloward-Piven on them) and provide cover for one another until the media and professional investigators can take over. Remember many of them are compromised—so we have to give them cover as much as we give it to each other.


We can all do something. You can do on-line research as exampled in this article. You can do first hand investigations. You can start paying attention to what is happening to children, refugees, homeless, and persons underage or detached from their communities.

Are there any suspicious pizza restaurants in your neighborhoods? Who owns them? Are they neighborhood friendly or suspicious fronts for perverse activities?

Do you live in an area where underground tunnels might be used for nefarious purposes—human trafficking, sex crimes, pedophilia?

Have you noticed suspicious links of politicians, government officials, or charity heads to child related causes and activities that would give perverted individuals access to children or displaced people?

Please join us in FULL DISCLOSURE so that we can end the heinous and ancient practices and deeds of cruelty against one another in any of its forms: slavery, sex trafficking, pedophilia, satanic rituals, murder.  

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