One Man’s Thoughts on the State of the Union

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I have been voting since 1972 and easily came to the conclusion decades ago that the political elites in both parties didn’t give a flap for anything other than their power and monetary gain. We are nothing but peasants to these politicians on BOTH sides…and I have downright despised it.

If we look throughout history, the powerful few manipulate the populations in such a way as to have us against each other all the while they and their cronies benefit from the mayhem…and I’ve had enough.

So if you have followed anything I have said in the past, my politics simply boil down to “leave me the heck alone, and give me my money back”….something BOTH sides just won’t do…They are controlled by puppet masters like Soros and other VERY rich and connected circles…This is the lesson of history and it just doesn’t change.

As to the point on this rant I posted….For now, it’s the progressive left that have fallen prey to the puppet masters who tell them to go out and label enemies to shut them up…to create violence and discourse to cause unrest and fear…to shut down other’s voices by refusing them platforms for discussion…

I guess this is why that guy’s rant has hit a home run…However, there is one point that he doesn’t mention and that is the Constitutional Conservative movement doesn’t want to control anything…We want what was promised in this republic…and that is freedom…whereas the Left wants to control EVERYTHING…and that is totalitarianism.

So for now, Trump with his flaws seems to be heading in the right direction in that he seems to not be beholding to anybody…so I pray that he truly loves this country and will start reversing the 100 year slide of progressive liberalism and return power to the states so that we can control our own destinies.

A Constitutional Conservative from Florida

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