The Greatest Global Criminal Conspiracy Of All Time Is About To Be Revealed

The Cover-up Of Satanic Ritual Child Sexual Abuse and Trafficking Perpetrated at the Highest Levels of National Governments and Multi-national Corporations Is Falling Apart In Real Time


What follows below is just a foreshadowing of the tidal wave of truth that is soon to wash over all of Western Civilization.

by Anonymous Patriots

David Rockefeller is 101 according to Google. Alan Greenspan is 90. Henry Kissinger is 93 according to the same source. George Soros is 85. Hillary Clinton’s health rebounds miraculously after several health incidents. John Podesta invites children to hot tub parties. Prominent politicians and globalists are tied to satanic rituals. The Pope and the Queen are found guilty of child trafficking. Get ready, folks, the dots are almost connected to the most heinous crimes in the world.

Pope and child trafficking

The Royals and child trafficking

Mass graves of children

Recent stories of pedophilia

Whole body blood transfusions and life extension science

Why the young are needed for blood transfusions

Clintons and Blood Market

Harvesting fetal organs and tissue needed for life extension science

Human body parts and tissue used for Parkinson treatment

Clinton signs fetal tissue research law

Floating abortion clinics harvest fetal tissue

Once you have all the money in the world, you will need more than a normal human lifetime to spend it


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