An Open Letter To Grant Cameron Regarding John Podesta’s “Trustworthiness!”

Carlsbad, CA
November 8, 2016

by Rich Scheck

Dear Grant Cameron: Thank you for your excellent work analyzing the Podesta
e-mails regarding the UFO issue and for your years of researching American
presidents’ relationship to ETs.

However, I must take exception to your recent characterization of Podesta as
a “straight shooter” and as someone who is “trustworthy!” wikileaks-emails.html

Perhaps those notions are true in the context of his work for the Clintons and
President Obama. But his primary loyalty must be to the American people.

The e-mails from WikiLeaks contain a vast amount of material that makes his
“trustworthiness” quite dubious:

Further investigation of his links to the Clinton Foundation including potential
conflicts of interest and charges of corruption need to be conducted before the
Disclosure Community can fully embrace his role and that of Mrs. Clinton in
the efforts to end the Truth Embargo.

I am writing this on the evening of Election Day, 2016 with the results still
coming in and the candidates virtually tied in the Electoral College. If Hillary
Clinton is able to pull out a victory, her roll in promoting Disclosure will
almost certainly be part of her presidential legacy.

To guarantee the American people receive the full story, we need to have
confidence in what she and others like Mr. Podesta say about the issue.

I strongly urge you to look more deeply into how the various charges against
them should influence how we look at what they say regarding Disclosure.

Thanking you in advance, I am sincerely yours,
Rich Scheck

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