Why did Huma Abedin have an email “Life Insurance” folder with sensitive State content?

Huma Abedin kept emails “Life Insurance” folder.

By Wayne Thomas

Huma Abedin Hillary Clinton

Many believe Hillary Clinton has left a wake of bodies in her path. For years people have been committing suicide, disappearing and dying of mysterious causes. It seems Huma Abedin is worried enough about Hillary Clinton to take precautions. She created her own kind of “life insurance” in the form of information damaging to Hillary Clinton.

Apparently, she kept a folder on a computer she shared with Anthony Weiner called “Life Insurance” and that insurance may be the only reason she is still alive, according to the Alt-News community. Now, this is out; it will be interesting to see what happens to Huma Abedin. Her homemade “life insurance” just got canceled by the FBI because they have the files. If you’re looking for actual life insurance and trying to find the best policy for you, have a look at insurance companies like PolicyMe and more.

It appears the folder contain some of the 33,000 emails deleted by Hillary Clinton using Bleachbit. Some of those emails are marked with classifications including “Confidential” and “Secret”. The scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton continues to get more and more broad. Everyone is watching Wikileaks, but Wikileaks didn’t leak these emails. They were discovered by the FBI.

Only time will tell if Huma Abedin can survive now that her “life insurance” is in the hands of the FBI. Will she go into Witness Protection or Federal Prison?

This all comes on the heels of the news that the FBI has re-opened the investigation into Hillary Clinton. An investigation Donald Trump was quick share with the world. Donald Trump has also raised concerns about Facebook, Google, and Twitter, accusing them of “covering up the investigation.”

FBI letter to Congress can be seen here: Link to Letter

The letter was sent to Congress because the FBI Director has a legal DUTY to report to Congress on matters he has been called to testify on. The situation had changed since he was called to testify before Congress. As such, he was duty bound to report that change to Congress.

Hillary Clinton argued in her Press Conference that the letter was sent to “Republicans”, implying that it was politically motivated. She did not disclose the whole truth about the letter, nor Mr. Comey’s legal duty to report to Congress. It appears the letter was not politically motived, rather a Law Man simply following the Law.

Even The Bush Family is getting involved. Their long time lawyer has filed a complaint claiming Director Comey’s letter to congress violates the Hatch Act. They did this with full knowledge that Director Comey is legally required to provide updates to his testimony.

It seems odd that the Bush family would involve itself in the political election process. There are a lot of things about this election that seem odd. This development raises even more questions about what might be in the 650,000 emails discovered by the FBI.

In the end, it looks like Hillary Clinton’s downfall may come from her closest advisor’s ex-husband, Anthony Weiner. A man who was caught in a recent sexting scandal.

This explains the recent decision by the Hillary Clinton Campaign to move Huma Abedin out of her current position. Huma Abedin could also face as many as 5 years in prison for lying to the FBI, based entirely on these new emails. Some might say that is better than collecting on “life insurance”.

Huma Abedin may end up being an “example” if she does not protect herself. It seems John Podesta has a history of being a Clinton Enforcer, as revealed in his emails recently released by Wikileaks.

Things might be bad for Huma Abedin but this could be the final straw for Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump has said he will hire a Special Prosecutor if he is elected. The only thing standing between Prison and the Presidency seems to be the people. But what would a Hillary Presidency look like if the FBI decides to press charges?

Political Analyst all agree it would result in a Constitutional Crisis and we would end up with Tim Kaine as the President. An outcome many Hillary supporters are not excited about. The list of Hillary supporters shifting their support to Donald Trump continues to grow as the prospect of a Tim Kaine Presidency becomes more like a reality.


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