Boko Haram kidnaps girls, Obama kills them with drones

Obama Administration Hypocrisy and Double Standard at All-Time High 

How many woman and children, elderly and infirmed has the ramped up drone program administered by Obama and Company (the CIA is also known as The Company) killed over the past five plus years?

Where the kidnapping of the Nigerian schoolgirls ought to be condemned and responded to in the most vigorous way, Boko Haram’s odious actions and US reactions have highlighted the ever-present double standard by which the Obama Administration operates.

It’s not okay to kidnap schoolgirls in Nigeria to use as political pawns, but it is acceptable to kill them with drones in Afghanistan?!

‘My husband kills kids with drones’: Michelle Obama’s viral pic fuels anti-drone campaign

No matter how you look at Obama’s barbaric drone assassination program, it is inevitable that families and friends, innocent bystanders and unknowing associates will be killed by these atrocious missile strikes.  And so they have, by the hundreds – girls included!

What’s more serious: Girls as dead collateral damage, or girls used as hostages to trade for political prisoners (their term, not ours)?

We certainly do not condone either of these situations; however, at least in the latter case the girls are still living, and with a chance to regain their freedom.  After a drone attack, not only are the innocent girls dead, as in “blown to bits”, they are callously referred to as collateral damage by the CIA, the White House, the US Military and everyone else involved with this murderous policy.

We’re sorry if we offend by the use of such graphic language?  However, we hope that we have made the point well, since this ongoing commentary has elicited very little response from the complacent US citizenry.  Nevertheless, there’s nothing like the unvarnished truth concerning the Obama drone program in an effort to shut it down for good.  Why wouldn’t that be a good thing?

Arguably, the extrajudicial (no judge or jury, no counsel or prosecutor, no conviction or  sentence) killing of suspected ‘terrorists’ at wedding parties and funerals is just about as low as the US Federal Government has ever gone.  Yes, killing 300,000 innocent civilians at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was extremely heinous, but the American people didn’t know about those shocking crimes against humanity in advance.

Anyone who follows any mainstream media knows full well that the CIA has administered the drone assassination program for many years.  There has been plenty of opportunity to terminate such an immoral and cruel, state-sponsored program of terrorism.  And yet, Obama’s drones continue to fire their missiles at innocent people (like young girls) in Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, and who knows where else in this world the CIA unilaterally and summarily decides to target an alleged terrorist?!

–US First Lady Michelle Obama uses President Obama’s weekly radio show slot to strongly condemn the “unconscionable” act of terrorism preventing scores of Nigerian girls from receiving a peaceful education–

The American People Better Wake Up; Every Un-American Policy Has Blowback

While we fully agree with Michele Obama’s ardent advocacy for the hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls who have been kidnapped, we would ask her to take a much more aggressive position toward her own husband’s continuing drone mass murder program by which many girls have been savagely killed.  Is that unreasonable to expect of the First Lady, especially in her capacity of First Mother?  Surely, she knows that for every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction, and that such karmic blowback often hits very close to home.

The same admonition applies to the entire US body politic.  To permit such an unlawful and cruel policy to be regularly administered by their government is to invite disaster.  When so much innocent blood is spilled in the name of the American people, nothing good can come of it, except the sobering realization of its inherent evil.  Likewise, when US taxpayers are funding the drone assassination program, they become complicit in the human catastrophe that it has become.

Really now, is such collective behavior becoming of those who live in “the land of the free and the home of the brave”?

Does this illegal and unethical conduct of Obama, the Commander-in-Chief, truly reflect the will of the US electorate?  We sincerely hope not, but if it does you can be sure that this country will reap the bitter fruits of the droning which now terrorizes people near and far.


There is no greater stain on the collective conscience of this nation that the continuation of the CIA drone assignation program.  It must be stopped by any means necessary.  It must be terminated post haste, and with the full backing of a Congressional mandate.  Not to do so will only ensure that this highly misguided foreign policy will bring destructive and unwanted consequences to US soil.

Michael Thomas
May 15, 2014

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