Billionaire Slams Clinton on Theft of Haiti Donations

SOTN Editor’s Note:
The following video transcription of comments made by Billionaire philanthropist and pilot Gary Heavin were directed to Hillary Clinton.  Were the truth to be told about the workings of the Clinton Foundation, Bill Clinton would not be able to raise a single donation, so deceptive and self-serving is their hidden agenda.

What makes this video so powerful and indisputable is that Mr. Heavin is on the ground in Haiti and has seen with his own eyes what the Clintons have not done.  He has also heard with his own ears what they have done, which is even worse.  It’s call unconscionable enrichment by using disaster capitalism to raise money in those Third World nations which have experienced great destruction by natural catastrophes.

This fund-raising scheme is quite similar to the lawyers who chase ambulances all day long, but who then fail to help their newly injured clients.  From so much evidence which has been posted on the Internet, it appears that the Clinton Foundation is a front for a black operation that has nothing to do with helping the destitute, the sick and the injured. Many have even wondered whether it is a C.I A. front that raises money to fund those black ops.

The Clinton Foundation: A Typical ‘CIA-Directed NGO’ That Is Completely Above The Law

State of the Nation
October 23, 2016


Shocking Footage: Media Caught Covering Up Clinton’s Ongoing Looting Of Haiti


To: Hillary Clinton

From: Billionaire Philanthropist and Pilot Gary Heavin in Ravished Haiti

Transcription by: Our Greater Destiny

Gary 5:57  Hillary, let me give you a word. First of all I’m wealthier than you are. Here I am with my money, my hands; I’m flying aircraft into these dangerous situations. The head of the center here in Haiti said that of the billions you collected for these children here, only 2% … 2%. YOU ARE A GRAND LEVEL THIEF and the world needs to know.  Americans need to know about it. If we dare trust you with anything, we’re fools, and you know you’ve proven it over and over again, but HAITI YOU CAN’T EXPLAIN THIS AWAY!

6:35  Look around. Do you see any Clinton funds, trucks or airplanes?  Isn’t here and I’m an eyewitness. And, you know, you have the audacity to act as if you care about people. And I KNOW YOU’RE A PSYCHOPATH!  You probably get a kick out of the fact that you’re getting away with this GRAND THEFT, and it’s because the media, the MAINSTREAM MEDIA IN AMERICA IS YOUR LAP DOG!

6:59  I don’t know whether they’re afraid of you, like buy into your nonsense, but I’m not afraid of you! I’m going to challenge you everywhere I can, and I’m asking the hundreds of thousands of people watching this to get involved, get the word out, get this viral: Hillary Clinton, with what you’ve done in selling state secrets, selling uranium to our so-called enemy, picking a fight with Russia, taking us to the verge of World War III, and the media didn’t tell us about it. You are the most-wicked person on this planet, and every time I put food in the mouth of these children I think of what a creepy witch you are.  So damn you!  Okay.  This is what you should be doing but you don’t even understand.  You’re a psychopath who gets power off of getting away with this, and I understand that you don’t care what I’m saying.

7:51  The American people that are going to go vote, especially the black Americans, these are black people here that I’m taking care of.  The black Americans need to realize that you use them for their vote and then you throw them away.  You keep America like Detroit; impoverished, as you have power and control of black Americans. Shame on you; they’re waking up.

8:00  I’m not a great Trump fan but he’s not bought and paid by the elites, not bought and paid by the shadow government. Hillary we’re on to ya, and WE HAVE TIME TO WAKE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE UP AND GET YOU OUT OF OUR LIVES, once and for all. YOU MISERABLE WRETCH!

A Message to Hillary Clinton From Billionaire Philanthropist and Pilot Gary Heavin in Ravished Haiti | OUR GREATER DESTINY

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