Widespread DNS Attack on US Internet Most Probable Cause and Non-cause

State of the Nation

SOTN subscribes to the notion that virtually all major Internet attacks that are highly publicized are the work of the intelligence agencies and law enforcement.  The NSA, CIA, DIA, and FBI have the capabilities to take down the Internet in the blink of an eye.  They also have the motive, and there are many.  The Wikileaks email dump is just one that contains tones of “radioactive material”.

What follows are just a couple of layman explanations for the latest outage cause by the massive DNS attacks throughout the USA.  Both of them make sense, and are by no means mutually exclusive.  Thanks to both Counter Analysis and Thoth for their perceptive analyses.

SOTN is always willing to post material like this because sometimes the best analysis comes from those who simply apply common sense like the commenter who provided the content for our most read post of all time seen here (U.S. CODE: Hillary R. Clinton is disqualified from holding any public office in the United States).

Number 1 Commentary:

Counter Analysis

My Guess is that it is a false flag leading up to a bigger false flag is to be blamed on Russia. A subsequent hack attack may target financial institutions or utilities. Imagine how the public’s attention would be captured if trading had to be halted on the NYSE, or if the lights went out on the east coast. Then when the whole financial system is ready to collapse, they can hack and bring down some big banks and blame Russia as being the catalyst for financial Armageddon. A gullible public would be fuming and buy the lie since Russia had already been accused of hacking, and since the U.S. has threatened to retaliate. Presto…war with Russia. This would especially be the case if similar hacks occur to allies such as the U.K. who then blame Russia.

It would not make sense for Russia to launch such attacks only to reveal their methods and motivate America to harden its defenses against more attacks. Nor do I believe it is Russia trying to send a warning as it is already obvious they can hack if they so desire. There may be a very slight chance that it is Russian retaliation for American hack attacks, but I doubt it. If they wanted to retaliate, they could do something more damaging but with less publicity such as hacking govt systems in a way that would never be reported in the media. It does seem that Russia is very concerned about its image with the American people and wants to appear like a good guy. Russia would avoid tarnishing their image while America is eagerly trying to trash it.


Number 2 Commentary:


Israel operates the most invasive spying program in America, hands down. This is known by everyone who cares to know. Israeli cyber “security” companies are given a number of contracts, not just in America, but all over the world. But, it couldn’t possibly have been them, right? Russia hasn’t responded to any of the physical provocations of the USG, so why would they respond to childish threats of possible cyber attacks made by the same USG officials? China could crash the US economy over night, without firing a single shot. It could also be that the Dems are manufacturing threats, so that the public will run to them for protection. Create a problem and offer your agenda as the solution. This is an old and overused Hegelian dialectic tactic. But, no matter how many times it’s been used, if it still proves effective, TPTB will continue to use it.



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