Trump Locker Room Tape: At Least It Shows That He’s A Real Man …

And Not A Girlie Man Like Barack Obama, Tim Kaine, Anderson Cooper and all the others. 

Submitted by Patriots for Donald Trump

Look it, when we first heard the tape of Donald Trump’s hot mic with Billy Bush, all we could do was laugh.  Yeah, he got caught alright, just like any other man in America could get caught talking trash with the boys in the locker room or on the ball field.

The upshot of this whole affair is that at least Trump is not a girlie man like the current POTUS.

At least President Trump won’t travel to the Africa continent to shove gay marriage down the throats of African leaders whose societies are very conservative and nations are very traditional … especially while neglecting the disastrous condition of the U.S. economy.

At least President Trump won’t spend more time promoting the thoroughly decadent LGBT agenda while persecuting Patriot and Christian groups by using the strong arm of the IRS.

At least President Trump won’t advocate for late-term abortions and defend the fetal body part selling of Planned Parenthood infamy.  Protecting the American abortion factory seems to be one of the President’s biggest priorities, even though black fetuses are killed in disproportionately higher numbers.

At least President Trump will act like a real man — and real leader — in his capacity of America’s foremost statesman, and not be a total wuss like our current POTUS, bowing down before tyrants and fawning in the presence of dictators.

At least President Trump will not foster a national atmosphere that is oppressive to white Christian men, the very type of men who settled this great nation and made it great once upon a time.

At least a President Trump will not prosecute God-fearing government workers who refuse to act in manner that violates their strongly held religious beliefs.

At least President Trump will not file lawsuits against Catholic nuns who will not permit abortions in their religious-run hospitals.

At least President Trump will not allow the VA hospitals to carry out transgendering operations at the taxpayer’s expense.  Or allow them to fight on the front lines.  The same goes for women.

At least President Trump will act like a president and deal with Congress face to face, not by running in the opposite direction whenever there’s a conflict.  At least he will negotiate with the House and the Senate, and not always send his messengers to do the dirty work.

President Trump will certainly not be a coward, a warmonger or a traitor to his country like many who now populate the Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal Government.  Those are girlie men.

At least now we know that Donald Trump is not a girlie man.  He really is a normal guy who is naturally attracted to the opposite sex.  Finally, a real guy in the White House!  And we have the tapes to prove it.

Does America want to be led by a trangender like Caitlyn Jenner, or bisexual, or gay, or just plain confused guy about his sexuality.  If a man can’t come to grips with the sex he was born with, how can he possible lead the most powerful nation on Earth?!

Just look at the dreadful condition of the USA, and one can see what happens when the POTUS is so confused.

Truly, with Donald Trump the country will at least know that he is a real guy, like most of the other real guys who identify with their sex of birth, not the opposite one.

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