Global Warming STOLEN From Roman Catholic Church?

By “Barry Soetoro, Esq”

gore global warming

Climate scams won’t quit.

Every few years, the scammers get exposed – but they’re making so much money, they can’t stop.

How did Global Warming fool so many people, so fast? And why won’t the hoax die?

Global Warming – The Pitch

What is the Global Warming sales pitch?

We’re told “Act fast, or you’ll roast and suffer.”  In other words, if we let Global Warming continue, we’ll get scorched by lava while choking on sulfur. Earth will get hotter until we can barely breathe.

Does that ring a bell? A place that keeps heating up, causing pain and suffering?

That sounds like a place called Hell.

obama Agenda 21

Now, to fix this “warming” problem, what do Globalists demand? They order us to “Go Green.” Stop using (dirty, sinful) electricity and gasoline – and plant trees.

If we act now – by giving money to politicians – we can avoid Hell, and transform the world into a lush, green Utopia. A tropical rain forest, unspoiled by man’s dirty factories.

Indeed, we can undo man’s damage to the world – by shutting down factories and planting palm trees, until our towns become tropical rain forests.

Does that image feel familiar?

It should. That’s the Garden of Eden.

8 global

Global Warming – Stolen From Catholics

If you want to scam a huge population, you can start from scratch. Or, you can take something everyone knows – and use it against them.

Why not pick something EVERYONE knows about – like Christianity? 32% of the world is Christian. But even atheists know about Heaven and Hell. Atheists might not believe in Hell, but they’ve heard of it.

That’s why crooks stole the “image system” of Catholicism from the Old Testament – and twisted it around, to use against you. In a brilliant yet evil coup, global con artists took the beliefs of Christians everywhere – then warped and disguised those beliefs – transforming them into a carefully built scam.

According to the hoax, you’re evil if you use gas/electricity. But if you do penance by giving money to con artists, politicians will save you from Hell (aka Global Warming) and return you to a state of innocence (Garden of Eden) – a time before man ruined our lush tropical Earth with his corrupt sins (pollution).

The scammers didn’t need to condition you to believe their lies – they just took what you already knew, warped it, and threw it back at you. Their (co-opted and twisted) Eden and Hell imagery is disguised, but it rings true – because those places have been a prominent part of Christianity for 2,000 years. Logically, “Global Warming” doesn’t add up. But on some level, it feels right because it’s based on Biblical imagery.

After all, why should con artists appeal to your intellect when they can hit you subconsciously, using your own religion to persuade you?

28 global

The hoax says oil (created inside Earth) is somehow evil. If you use it, you’re being evil. This creates guilt, where the only relief is giving money to crooks (politicians).

Multiply this con by 8 billion humans, and you’ve got a huge racket generating billions of dollars annually.


The Perfect Product

Pretend you’re the scam artist. You’ve found the perfect product.

Your product is THIN AIR. It’s invisible “greenhouse gases” that nobody can see or taste.

You don’t need to hire employees, because you don’t need to make your product – air is already made.

You don’t need to ship your product (greenhouse gases), because they’re already everywhere. No shipping or handling.

Your product never fails – because it’s fictional. Nobody can publish a review of your product, since they can’t actually touch it. This protects you from the pesky folks at Consumer Reports. They can’t road-test your product and find flaws, because your product doesn’t exist.

Getting billions of people to buy your imaginary, non-existent product is like getting them to feed a unicorn. They never actually meet the unicorn, but they pay each day – and pay extra when you announce the unicorn is “sick.” If they refuse to give money for the unicorn, you pass laws (taxes and fees) forcing them to. Then, you heap guilt on top – since anyone NOT feeding the unicorn is bad.

obama eruption volcano

Everyone’s A Customer

Most scams target a person or group. But Global Warming targets everyone on earth – because everyone breathes air and uses electricity. If you don’t live in a treehouse, you’re using gas/electricity for heat. And everyone owns a light bulb. Since these things are “sins,” the crooks get you – just for being alive.

In short, Global Warming scammers sell a nonexistent product that’s everywhere and used by everyone.

It’s the perfect scam.

13 global

Rebranding The Scam

When folks discover the scam, the thieves change its branding from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change.” This way, their sales pitch covers everything that could possibly happen. During summer, it’s “Global Warming” because it’s warm outside. During winter, they say “Climate Change” because “warming” doesn’t ring true during a 3-foot blizzard. Every couple decades, they change “Warming” to “Cooling” to freshen things up and explain why their prediction of “Hell on Earth” never happened.

29 global

CO2 Is Plant Food

Humans exhale CO2 – it’s NOT poison. Plants consume CO2 to grow – it’s plant food.

The process is called Photosynthesis:


The human body is 18% carbon. Without CO2, plants couldn’t grow. Yet Obama and EPA tell you CO2 is a “pollutant” and carbon is “bad.”

Plants love CO2. As you see here, plants grow faster with higher CO2:



And polar bears? In 1950, there were only about 5,000. Today, there’s over 25,000 polar bears. And they swim – they’re not stranded on ice blocks.

polar bears global warming al gore


The UN has been lying about “global warming” for decades. Why? To collect trillions in “climate taxes” and get rich running a “carbon trading market” with Goldman Sachs. They also want to establish “global governance,” according to Al Gore.

23 global

The Telegraph calls climate fraud “the biggest science scandal ever.”

Scientists have been caught “cooking the books” on climate data so many times, it’s become a cliché. If climate “researchers” stop defrauding the public with scary predictions, the government stops delivering bags of money for their “research.”

Thus, they keep lying:

obama asthma cigarettes

The hacked ClimateGate emails exposed fraud and collusion between the UN and climate scientists at major Universities:



As ClimateGate erupted, scientists were asked to release their raw temperature data, so the scientific community could verify their “global warming” conclusions. The CRU response? They announced that ALL their raw temperature data (150 years worth) was “lost” when they switched offices. In other words, the dog ate their homework. CRU cannot release their data, because it’s fraudulent. So they “lost” it.

Here, Lord Monckton debunks the “Global Warming Fad.”



Socialists know that “Green is the new Red.” In other words, if they can’t sell you Communism, they’ll gain control via Environmentalism. So government tells us cars/people are making the planet hotter – and demands trillions in new taxes to “fix” this problem.

12 global

Even this EU Parliament Member calls Global Warming a “scam” and Al Gore a “Snake Oil Salesman.”



10 global

But here’s what happens when you question the Climate Hoax. The UN snatches your microphone and sends armed guards to eject you:



Ken Lay (ENRON) Invented “Carbon Credits”

Al Gore made $100 million from this hoax. Bernie Madoff would be impressed. But who invented “carbon credit trading” anyway? Ken Lay, back at ENRON.

2 global
100 Reasons Why Climate Change Is Natural

The Bottom Line

The notion that governments scam you is troubling.  So troubling, that most folks don’t want to think about it – or worse yet, do anything about it.

Since you wouldn’t murder your neighbor, you have trouble imagining other people murdering their neighbor. Yet every year, a handful of people – for various reasons – murder their neighbor. It keeps happening – even though you have trouble imagining it.

This tendency to assume “what’s true for me is true for others” makes sense – in many cases. But in some cases, that belief is totally false. Con artists exist. And some aren’t after your wallet – they’re after everyone’s wallet.

Barry Soetoro, Esq is a syndicated columnist focused on Fake Shootings and State Terror. Recently, Barry explored the Newtown CT “massacre” and the background of Barack Obama.  Barry’s Sandy Hook work was covered by the Washington PostUK TelegraphNY Daily NewsSalonMediaMatters; and DailyMail.


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