House GOP Leadership Demolishes Comey’s Credibility

Chaffetz, Gowdy, Issa, Jordan, Ratcliffe! Comey Says That Was “O S-H-I-T Moment”! Comey Very Rattled!

by Project Clarity

FBI Comey testifies again as a result of the recent document releases from the FBI. He appears much more defensive than I have ever seen him before. Ratcliffe is brutal. Issa catches Comey in a lie about the immunity agreements. Jordan, Chaffetz, and Gowdy once again just can’t believe how an indictment wasn’t warranted.

What I find interesting is the fact that the FBI is not saying who at the FBI is authorizing the release of the documents, but then Comey gets raked over the coals again. Why is the FBI even leaking these documents when they know it is going to further discredit them. Something just doesn’t make sense. There must be something significant going on behind the scenes. Like I said before, it appears that Hillary is being thrown under the bus.

The hearing was about 4 hours. They used the usually 5 minute rule back and forth across party lines. I edited down to 22 minute picking what I thought was the most relevant testimony from the usual dynamic characters. Ratcliffe was a surprise. Don’t know much about him, but he was fun to watch!


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