An Open Letter to FBI Director James B. Comey


“I still think that no reasonable prosecutor would try to bring this case.”
— FBI Director James B. Comey

Dear Director Comey,

You have reiterated throughout your defense of your failure to not recommend indictment of Secretary Clinton for Emailgate that “no reasonable prosecutor would proceed with filing criminal charges”.

It is the studied opinion of we prosecutors that there is no question that the facts of the criminal investigation of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Emailgate warrant an aggressive prosecution for crimes committed under the relevant federal statutes.

In fact, the evidence is quite overwhelming that crimes were committed by Ms. Clinton and her staff which violated the very laws and statues that you have repeatedly referenced.

Have we made ourselves clear.

As FBI Director, it appears that you have profoundly violated your oath of office; you have broken department rules and regulations, you have betrayed you own agents and staff; and you have betrayed the American people.

You, Mr. Director, need to resign post haste.  You have single-handedly destroyed the rule of law throughout the United States of America.

By allowing Ms. Clinton to escape a totally justified prosecution, you have sent a message to every criminal in the nation that they can simply assert their lack of intent for any crime they have committed.

What is most concerning is that the federal statutes that you reference do not even mention the type of criminal intent that you base your professional opinion on.

Everything that Ms. Clinton did, and did not do, in the conduct of Emailgate not only pointed to extremely deliberate intent, the outright negligence of the Federal Bureau of Investigation under your leadership has also demonstrated the intent to cover up naked criminal activity perpetrated at the highest levels of the U.S. State Department.

This great likelihood, Director Comey, is the only plausible explanation for your continued negligence in this matter and apparent collusion with the parties under investigation.

Very sincerely,

Patriot Prosecutors of America


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