Pharmaceutical Exec: Hillary has “unmistakable signs of Parkinson’s disease”

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The bizarre behavior exhibited recently by Hillary on the campaign trail has many speculating as what is wrong with her.  Is Hillary Clinton suffering from brain damage?  Is it post-concussive syndrome?  Has she had epileptic seizures?

These questions must be addressed, yet the Hillary campaign is covering up the evidence of declining health, stating a doctor’s statement, made in 2015, stating that she is fit to serve as president.

Is she suffering from her head injury in 2015, as neurologist Dr. Daniel Kassicieh, D.O thinks she might be? He believes she is suffering from post-concussive syndrome and that is not something neither her family, nor her campaign should ignore.

Just looking at it from a neurological standpoint, the risk factors for developing post-concussion syndrome, one of them is age, and she was 65 when this happened… just from a physiologic standpoint that’s an older individual. Being female is a risk factor for post-concussion syndrome as well.

“For someone who has treated many post-concussion syndrome patients and that’s what I really believe she’s suffering from based on reading these reports and reading what’s happened,” Kassicieh said. “I think she has latent post-concussion syndrome, and I can understand that as a politician they would want to be covering that up.” He stated:

I would say as a neurologist having seen many post-concussion syndrome patients that I would not want a president who I knew had post-concussion syndrome being president because their super high-level cognitive abilities are clearly impaired and even their routine multitasking high-stress abilities are affected because post-concussion syndrome patients in general don’t tolerate even moderate work, stress-related environments.

Or is her odd behavior something more debilitating as pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli believes based on the evidence found in videos of Hillary recently.

Could Hillary be suffering from Parkinson’s disease?

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Something is amiss with Hillary but Bill and the campaign will not address the fact that she is displaying very “questionable health” issues.  The odd behavior exhibited by Hillary Clinton could very well be tied to the multiple times she has fallen. One particularly bad fall happened in December of 2015, when she fainted and fell, hitting her head, which resulted in a concussion.  The State Department claimed that she had fainted due to dehydration and the stomach flu, but her recent behavior may indicate a more serious issue.

However, another explanation has surfaced and points to the debilitating disease that is progressive and will worsen over time.  Pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli believes Parkinson’s disease may be the cause of the tremors and slow movement that she has recently displayed.

Martin Shkreli asserts that the videos of Hillary’s strange facial movements and her difficulties with walking are “pretty unmistakable signs of Parkinson’s disease.”

Explaining that a stroke or a concussion wouldn’t explain the symptoms, Shkreli says that Hillary’s walking difficulties are a “cardinal symptom of Parkinson’s disease” and what is known as “freezing gait”. Shkreli adds that he helped develop a drug to treat the problem.

“We’ve all seen the videos of her kind of making these perplexed facial movements,” says Shkreli, noting that Hillary’s over-reaction to balloons at the DNC was “unusual” because it betrayed an “inability to control her facial movements”.

However, Hillary’s seizure-like behavior in response to reporters asking questions in another clip was even more odd because she “made this involuntary movement for about ten seconds which was truly unusual,” states Shkreli, identifying the condition as a form of Parkinson’s-induced dyskinesia.

“This is classic symptom….if you showed someone that symptom and said ‘name the disorder’ it’s not a seizure….that is simply involuntary movement, it’s PD-LID, no doubt about it in my mind,” adds Shkreli, concluding that when matched with Hillary’s “freezing gait,” it “explains everything.”

Others have eye-witnessed her weakened state as well.  John Cardillo, an NYPD officer who has worked VIP detail, tweeted that he has a “strong source” that shared Hillary’s bathroom break was a flair up from her brain injury.

This information was given to Cardillo from two separate sources, who almost verbatim shared the same story, but have no direct acquaintance with one another.

These are two people that aren’t just personal friends. I worked with one and then post law-enforcement worked with another on some related things. So, these aren’t anonymous people. These are good friends. Both of them told me the same thing, that after her speeches, whether she did a talk or a policy speech, she had to sit behind – she would come off the podium backstage – and have to sit and rest before making it back to the car because she was so fatigued, dizzy and disoriented.

If Hillary is truly suffering from Parkinson’s disease, then something must be done for the sake of the country, as well as her own sake.  Her inability to lead the United States over the past few years as Secretary of State will only progressively deteriorate should she become President.

In response, media outlets are beginning to characterize questions about Hillary’s health as little more than ‘right-wing conspiracy theories,’ although assertions by leftists that Donald Trump is mentally ill have not received similar treatment.

Other questions continue to swirl, including claims that one of Hillary’ “handlers,” who calmed her during the recent interruption of one of her speeches, carries around a an auto-injector syringe for the administration of the anti-seizure drug Diazepam.


According to Shkreli, the syringe “may be an Apokyn pen, used to treat Parkinson’s,” noting that it was the same color.

Source: Info Wars


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