Hollywood Culture Of Child Sexual Abuse And Victimization Goes Prime Time

Lawsuit Against Bryan Singer et al. Exposes ‘Dirty Little Secret’ That EVERYONE Knew

Now that the first Blood Moon of four consecutive has occurred, many wait anxiously to see the consequences. There was a tragic ferry sinking in South Korea, the worst disaster in Mount Everest history, as well as a series of earthquakes around the world, Mexico’s producing the most serious aftermath.

However, none of these events compares to the coming earthquake slated for Southern California. The earthquake of which we speak is a social, political and economic cataclysm which will shake up LA, Hollywood and the entire Motion Picture Industry like nothing before. Truly, NOAH, springs to life in the ‘Valley’ in a way that will make a Cecil B. DeMille film look like a walk in the park.

What follows is a screenshot from The Drudge Report which captures just how BIG this “Revelation” will soon become. Word to the wise, if you are anywhere near the coming earthquake swarm, or coming tidal waves, you better look to vacate the premises … FAST ! ! !

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The real irony about this sordid, multi-generational affair is that everyone has known about it since the very beginning. Everyone in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, etc., that is.  Who among us has not heard of the typical Hollywood actress who was forced to sleep her way to the top of the A-list … from the age of 15?  That is NOT to say that every actress does that.  Some of them do manage to maintain their dignity, only by the grace of God.

Nevertheless, the real dirty little secret is that so many families would allow their young to be subsumed by a culture as thoroughly decadent as Hollywood.  That parents would so willingly provide their innocent children to an industry known for it profound sexual depravity is quite shocking.  And it’s going on more than ever today.  The excessive permissiveness throughout society which the Obama Administration has enabled and encouraged has really opened the floodgates for so much sexual perversion and deviant behavior, especially in the upper realms of global power and influence.

The same liberal torchbearers, who have justifiably gone after the Roman Catholic Church for rampant pedophilia, still pay homage to their Hollywood Priests, regardless of their transgressions of morality. 

All one has to do is consult the liberal rag known as The Huffington Post and read the comments of so many devotees regarding the Bryan Singer scandal.  That so many commenters would reflexively take the side of the perpetrator(s) is stunning.  These same folks rail against the Catholic Church as they should, yet they go over to the other side when their ‘priests’ from Hollywood are in the very same position.  Not only do they support the accused, but they do so in a manner that is truly revolting given the nature of the crimes.  Somehow the gods and goddesses of materialism are beyond reproach, and God help the mere mortal who reveals their sexual misconduct and perfidy.

What one quickly understands by reading the many liberal media accounts of this saga is that they will do anything to protect their own, regardless of the crimes and it’s consequences.  Not only are we talking about a total absence of intellectual integrity, there is a whole segment of society that is completely without conscience.  These folks reflexively take the opposite position when it is one of their own who is guilty of the most heinous crimes.  The stalwart hypocrisy and double standard in this regard is as stunning as it is reprehensible.

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Most of the pool parties held by the various pedophile rings in Hollywood have an implicit policy of “No Clothes On In The Pool”.


This latest battle of the ongoing culture war started with the “Gay Mafia” lynching of the newly appointed Mozilla CEO.

There was bound to be very serious backlash after the new CEO of Mozilla was forced out of his position of the company he cofounded.  That such a public lynching could take place for expressing an opinion years ago about gay marriage, with such speed and consequence, was beyond belief.  Even the “Purveyor of all Things Seedy”, Bill Maher, took up the matter in an uncharacteristic way, given his extremely permissive and depraved sensibilities.

Bill Maher: ‘Gay mafia’ will take your career down ‘if you cross them’

Of course, there is every reason to believe that the likes of Bill Maher was simply used to spread the message that the gay mafia is not one to be tangled with.  After all, the entire LGBT juggernaut does represent the most powerful political force in the land.  That includes the Zionist lobby and the NRA, the Military-Industrial Complex and the Oil & Gas Industry.  Don’t believe it?  Look where they have gone already in the past few years throughout civil society; they haven’t lost a single battle so much “in bed” are they with the political class and mainstream media.

Miami Law Firm is the White Knight We’ve All Been Waiting For

No where in America has there been found a law firm who would take on Hollywood for the pervasive and routine child sexual abuse that has gone on for decades.  The forces within the movie and television industries were simply too powerful to take on.  They are also joined at the hip with Washington DC, so that the political fallout was too great to permit exposure … until now.

With the Catholic Church pedophilia scandal ‘winding down’ given the more conciliatory posture struck by Pope Francis, there is a renewed desire to ferret out this chronic social disease throughout all spheres of life.  It was only a matter of time before the curtain was torn back on Hollywood.  With the initiative taken by Herman Law, a Florida-based group that prides itself on outing sexual abuse cases, the switch has now been flipped.  Not only are they adding more big Hollywood names to the roster of defendants, they have experienced a deluge of calls from other victims.

If ever there was an omen coming out of Hollywood, it is the recent release of NOAH.  So much of the real story is about a civilization steeped in sin and every kind of moral depravity.  No doubt that the output of tinseltown reflects the very same degeneration of society as much as anything does.  Clearly, the relentless production of movies and programs fraught with violence, profanity, sexually explicit and perverse content does mirror the state of the union.  The extent to which such graphic and debauched portrayals fuel the downward spiral of an already debased society is not, however, without blowback.

Given the many decades of Hollywood status quo in regard to “promotion within the industry for sexual favors, performance and exploitation”, there are literally thousands of potential plaintiffs who are ready to step forward.  Hopefully many California law firms will grab the torch from Herman Law, since they are certain to be overwhelmed.  Particularly in light of the ongoing California depression, drought and real estate collapse, are many Hollywood types broke, busted and disgusted.  Now that they have been inspired by the likes of Michael Egan III, it is quite likely that the floodgates will be flung wide open … compliments of NOAH, the celluloid prophet.



There is perhaps no worse social commentary than the one that reveals how society exploits its children and perverts their sexuality.  Particularly in view of the fact that all of us have watched these talented and courageous children perform and grow up on TV and in the movies.  Many of these childhood actors, who have suffered greatly in the form of systematic sexual abuse and victimization, carnal manipulation and machination, are those that we grew up with.  Little did we know that so many experienced fates so far removed from their cinematic portrayals.

There are many directors, producers, studio executives, agents, publicists, parents, etc., who were privy to information which could have blown this case wide open many decades ago.  And yet it took the courage  — the awesome courage of one young man who wants his life back — to go public by Michael Egan III.  How many others have lived with these skeletons in the closet, we will never know.  One wonders just how many young Hollywood stars, who have already left this world, took these painful secrets with them.  With the recent passing of both Mickey Rooney and Shirley Temple, perhaps it is better that we will never learn of the grim realities within which they were forced to grow up and perform.

At the end of the day, it is fitting to salute these young actors and actresses for the formidable challenges they faced on a daily basis.  The pressures of show business are well known to be overwhelming at times.  After all, no matter how they were feeling, or what they were thinking at the time, the show must always go on.  And they did, they got on stage and entertained us, in spite of the horrors which so many were exposed to.

The time has now come to open up this closet once and for all.  Just like the Roman Catholic Church has been exposed for the giant pedophilia ring that it has been for so many decades, Hollywood needs to air the same very dirty laundry.  Otherwise, the motion picture and television industries will continue to ruin so many lives and families, careers and livelihoods.

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April 20, 2014


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