Feminist Website: Bill Clinton May Have Raped Juanita Broaddrick, but That Doesn’t Mean He’s ‘Evil’

Jon Street

The feminist website Wonkette published a piece Monday in which the writer acknowledges that Bill Clinton “could very well have raped” Juanita Broaddrick — but added that it doesn’t make the former president “evil.”

Bill Clinton on a visit to Juanita Broaddrick's (right) nursing home in Van Buren, Arkansas in 1978. (Getty Images)

Bill Clinton on a visit to Juanita Broaddrick’s (right) nursing home in Van Buren, Arkansas, in 1978. (Getty Images)

In an article bearing the headline “Let’s Talk About Juanita Broaddrick,” writer Rebecca Schoenkopf addresses Broadrick’s allegation that Clinton raped her in an Arkansas hotel room 40 years ago. She acknowledges the “contemporaneous evidence,” including some of Broaddrick’s friends claiming to have seen her crying and with bruised lips not long after the alleged incident occurred.

While Schoenkopf doesn’t buy the allegation that Clinton’s wife, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, knew about or tried to keep Broaddrick quiet about the alleged rape, she does give some credence to the accusation against the former president.

“To sum up, I think Bill Clinton could very well have raped Juanita Broaddrick,” Schoenkopf wrote, “that it doesn’t make him an evil man, or irredeemable.”

“I’m Catholic; we’re all forgiven, if we’re sorry, and Broaddrick says Bill Clinton personally called her up to apologize,” the writer noted parenthetically, adding, “It doesn’t even necessarily make him a bad feminist — you know, later, once he stops doing that.”

The decades-old sexual harassment and rape allegations against the former president made headlines earlier this year after Broaddrick sent out a tweet reminding voters that “it never goes away.”

Hillary Clinton’s Republican rival, Donald Trump, dredged up the controversy earlier in the presidential campaign, calling attention to old questions about the behavior of the Democratic nominee’s husband.

The Clinton campaign recently removed a line from its website that said women who claim to have been raped have the right to be believed.

(H/T: Daily Caller)


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