Two Disinfo Sites Run by “Just Some Guy” Named Mick West

By Hsaive

Mick West  claims to be just “some guy” who hosts two websites that claim to use science to debunk what he calls the “pseudoscience” of covert aerosol geoengineering (aka chemtrails).   West admits he’s not a scientist or meteorologist but is working on his private pilot license out of Santa Monica airport in California.

His Youtube Channel is EPOXYNOUS.

The posts on ContrailScience are a mixture of fact-based and biased information with enough good content to lead the gullible down the wrong path.

West’s darker motives are revealed he doesn’t hesitate to insult anyone who disagrees with him. He claims Michael Murphy is dishonest and goes so far as to misrepresent Murphy’s statements to support his bias. Instead of challenging the scientific merit of issues, West prefers character assasination and inuendo

The Metabunk forum is a watering hole for hardened deniers, educationally challenged, gullible and disinfo agents who spend too much time at attempting to debunk supportable evidence  to suspect they’re not on some payroll.

With the September approach of Michael Murphy’s documentary “Why In The World Are They Sprayiing” the disinfo trolls seem to be out in full, preemptive force.

Personal attacks against those who post evidence in support of covert geoengineering is a strong clue.

Protesting Too Much?:  It’s not rational that someone who didn’t know or care that chemtrails was a “real” issue would adopt a hostile and ad hominem posting style and resort to verbal abuse and insults to beat down a theory they think doesn’t exist.

Based on long experience, I  calculate there’s a network of deniers and disinfo trolls who are actively engaged in interfering with a story that reveals a mammoth and global covert weather manipulation project in plain sight.

While it’s not certain that Mr. West is acting as a deliberate disinfo agent, his websites serves as a safe house for the gulliible and manipulative.


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