These 7 CNN Tweets Show That They’re The Clinton News Network


Like many other media outlets, CNN spent a nice chunk of airtime covering Trump’s lack of support from #NeverTrumpers last week with essays, videos, and mocking tweets about Ted Cruz being booed by Trump supporters and Trump’s awkward on-stage “air kiss” with his running mate Mike Pence.

So when this week at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) approximately 1,900 Bernie Sanders delegates had walked out in protest during Hillary Clinton’s nomination speech, leaving a relatively empty convention hall; one might expect that CNN would give Hillary the same kind of treatment they gave Trump. At the very least, we all expected CNN to cover what was actually happening at the convention: angry Democrats boycotting their nominee!

But nope. CNN continued to make it seem like everybody wants Hillary, completely overshadowing Bernie’s supporters by repeatedly emphasizing his endorsement for her. Instead of simply tweeting quotes and live coverage of the DNC, the network has been tweeting opinions that look more like a Clinton commercial company. Here are just seven of the many bias-infused tweets from CNN demonstrating that they are indeed Clinton News Network:

  1. The glory tweet:

  1. The tweet guilt-tripping all non-chauvinists into voting for Hillary:

  1. The tweet dubbing the masses of infuriated Bernie supporters “skeptical” of Hillary:

… followed by the tweet claiming that the boos for Hillary were merely “disaffected voters who are still feeling the brunt of the recession”:

  1. The Hillary-isn’t-a-liar tweet:

  1. Tweets about the stable, loving, non-sexual-scandal-plagued Clinton family:

  1. The cool-candidate gif tweet:

…which is significant because of the only other gif CNN has tweeted in days:

…which is significant because of the only other gif CNN has tweeted in days:

  1. The tweet using the Clinton campaign’s own “make history” slogan to celebrate her nomination:

Now I’m not a Trump fan, but have you noticed CNN encourage voters to use any other campaign slogan than Hillary’s? Have you noticed CNN bash Hillary at all the way it has bashed her opponents? Have you noticed CNN cover up the lies of any of the other candidates? Nah, me neither.


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