Limbaugh: Trump Beats Hillary in Landslide


Wednesday on his radio show, on the heel of Donald Trump’s victory in the Indiana Republican presidential primary and his opponent Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) suspending his campaign, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh said he anticipated Trump to beat his next likely Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton by a “landslide.”

Partial transcript as follows:

My instinctive feeling right now is that Trump is gonna win, beat Hillary badly, that it could be landslide proportions.

I still don’t think people understand why Trump won this.  I don’t think they understand at all the reason people support Trump.  And the deeper people are entrenched in politics, and the more they are accustomed to the templates and the handbooks and the theories and the playbooks, the less they’re gonna understand it.  The more they try to plug Donald Trump and his campaign and his personality into the professional politician candidate playbook that they use, the farther and farther from the truth they are going to get.

I’ve tried to help. During the course of this entire campaign, I’ve gone to great lengths to try to explain to people what it is about Trump, why he has his supporters, why they support him, and what you have to do to separate them from Trump.  Basically, you can’t.  That’s the bottom line.  There’s nothing any professional politician can do.  They’ve done everything that they knew how to beat a candidate. They threw everything they had at Trump.  I mean, the negative ads that they ran against him, these #NeverTrump guys and their PACs in all these states?

In indiana alone the amount of money spent on negative ads against Trump? And it didn’t work.  And in their world, negative ads always work.  So they’re out there scratching their heads today.  You’ve got #NeverTrump people saying, “I said I was never gonna vote for Trump, and I’m never gonna vote for Trump — and I mean it.”  You’ve got some people thinking about looking for third-party candidate.  Others, it’s a matter of honor, a matter of principle, to never vote for Trump.  But they’re caught between that and Hillary Clinton becoming president.

We’re back to, “Well, let’s just let Hillary win so people will find out how bad it is.”  I’m tired of that.  We already know how bad it is. We know how bad it is with Hillary. We know how bad it is with Bill Clinton. We know how bad it is with Barack Hussein O. We know how bad it is with the American left.  We don’t need any more destruction. We don’t need anymore lessons. And, by the way, leaving it to the American people to figure out hasn’t worked out well, either, has it?

Somebody’s gonna have to tell ’em how bad it is.  I mean, they instinctively know things are not great. But look at the Millennials.  My point is, the millennials think the country’s seen its best days.  They don’t blame the Democrats for it ’cause nobody tells them. Nobody explains to them that the reason they are in great suffering and have (in their own minds) no future is because of Democrat Party left-wing policies. But nobody tells ’em that.  So they are left to assume that America is flawed.

“America was flawed from its founding, and all these flaws — and all this racism, bigotry, self-hatred, all that — is coming to the fore now, and America has caught up with itself.” This is, sadly, what some of these people think.  So a guy comes along and tells ’em he’ll make America great, identifies problems, and then proposes solutions; doesn’t hold back. It’s not hard to figure any of this out.  Against a message like Trump’s, if your counter message is, “I’m the most conservative guy running,” that’s not going to work.

Even if you are, and even if you’re good at it, it’s not gonna make a dent.  Because none of this is about ideology right now.  That’s why everybody’s talking about populism having over taken conservatism.  That hasn’t happened, but at this moment of time it looks like it. In this particular set of circumstances it looks like it.  Any number of things that 17 people tried — and Hillary Clinton is next up, and we shall see.


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