AG Loretta Lynch: Between a rock and a hard place

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By Anonymous Patriots

Loretta has quite a dilemma.

On the one hand, her allegiance to Obama and Company will keep her and the DOJ from indicting Hillary Clinton, no matter how scathing and overwhelming the evidence is in James Comey’s report to her.

But if she does not indict, and just says, “There is nothing here folks. Move along,” she risks upsetting the professionals at the FBI as well as millions of American citizens.

Her dilemma is that her personal security team is not Secret Service, but the FBI. We are concerned because she has already told us that there are crazy right-wing, home-grown terrorists out here in the mainland.  Nothing stands between them and her except personal security.

Now we are certainly not advocating that any one harm Ms. Lynch (interesting last name), quite the contrary. But as history has told us with the John Hinckley shooting of Ronald Reagan, crazy people with guns do get through security.

An open letter to Ms. Lynch would caution her to put her safety first, over that of Hillary Clinton’s.  

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