Bernie Won………Yet Still Backs Hillary!

Vancouver, Washington
July 1, 2016

by Rich Scheck

Only Bernie Sanders knows why he has refused to expose Hillary
Clinton for being the incredible criminal she is.

On countless occasions during the campaign he has allowed her to
get away with egregious behavior without fighting for what he earned.

It has fallen to his supporters to a file lawsuit against the DNC accusing
it and Chairman Wasserman of fraud in the way they conducted the
race for the nomination.

A group in California met yesterday to reveal proof of how Hillary stole
last month’s primary as well “nationwide evidence” that Bernie
deserves to be the party’s standard bearer, not the corrupt Clinton.

Perhaps the Vermont Senator did not really want to be president but merely ran to promote his reform agenda. Perhaps he is intimidated by Bill and Hillary and fears for his life should he be more aggressive against them.

If Senate primary challenger Dr. Kelli Ward is brave enough to claim that John McCain helped create ISIS, I think Sanders can dig deeper and speak truth to power regarding the Clintons.

With the endless stream of revelations about the Clinton Foundation, the scandal
surrounding her e-mails, the Benghazi fiasco and the long litany of other problems
related to her and Bill, Sanders failure to articulate her poor record and divisiveness
means he breached the implicit contract between him and his millions of supporters
as the leader of Bernie’s political revolution.

It is not too late for Sanders to redeem himself and transcend any timidity or fears
he may have regarding the Clintons. He must publicly withdraw his statement that
he will vote for her in November and join those of his loyalists who have commenced
these various legal proceedings on his behalf.

To the extent he is correct that Trump is unacceptable to be our new president, he must
boldly step forward and claim what is his: the Democratic nomination and the chance
to complete the revolution he started on behalf of others.


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