Brexit Leader Loses It When Fox News Host Asks About Obama…Then Drops The Hammer

Americans from both parties should be listening carefully.

Joe Saunders

The man who led the “Leave” campaign that ended with last week’s vote in Great Britain to exit the European Union took some time out during a victory lap in Brussels, Belgium, to explain just how that political revolution actually played out.

And — not surprisingly — President Obama came out looking badly.

Actually, it was a good deal worse than badly — and American voters thinking about the difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the fall’s election should be listening.
“Obama came to Britain and I think behaved disgracefully,” United Kingdom Independence Party leader Nigel Farage told “Your World With Neil Cavuto” guest host Trish Regan on Monday. He was talking about Obama’s April visit when the leader of the free world visited a traditional ally to actually threaten its voters if they chose the path to a free future.

“Telling us we’d be at the back of the queue…. Treating us — American’s strongest, oldest ally — in the most extraordinary way.”

Meanwhile, Russia President Vladimir Putin — a dictator in all but name — actually looked the more presidential of the two.
“Vladimir Putin behaved in a more statesmanlike manner than President Obama did in this referendum campaign,” Farage said.

“Statesmanlike,” in this case meant maintaining silence, something Barack Obama has found impossible since he called those Cambridge, Massachusetts, cops “stupid” for trying to stop a reported home burglary back in 2009. (It should be noted that there are those who believe Putin may benefit from “Brexit” as the vote has created instability in the European Union specifically and the Western alliance generally.)

Check out the Farage interview below. The Obama bash begins about the 8:45 mark.
Farage is a rhetorical bomb-thrower, of course. Men who take on the establishment generally are.

To an American ear, the themes he sounds are familiar: Getting control of an immigration problem that seems to be swamping the country, arranging better trade deals, and ensuring the country’s sovereignty in an increasingly globalized world.

Those are themes Donald Trump hits incessantly — while Hillary Clinton promises to continue Barack Obama’s policies, and go even further when it comes to legalizing aliens already in the country illegally.

Republicans can only hope the election in November is as satisfying as Thursday’s referendum was for Farage and his United Kingdom Independence Party.

“Whatever problems you’ve got in the USA, they are as nothing to what we’ve had,” Farage told Fox News’ Regan.

“And what we did last Thursday was we said, ‘We want our country back, and we voted for it, and we’ve got it back!’”

And that’s just what Hillary, Obama and the rest of the Democrat Party is afraid of.


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