Arrest Obama Now

Arrest Obama Now

The Patriot Factor

I believe arresting Obama for treason is the best way to remove him from office BEFORE the election.

Under Article I, Section 6, an elected official can be arrested while in office, for treason, felony, and breach of the peace, with treason being defined as levying war against America or giving aid and comfort to its enemies.

This is what NO-bama does when he goes on his ‘Apology for America Tours’, when he sends our taxpayer monies to our enemies (like the mu*lim brotherhood and hamas), and when he defames, condemns and apologizes for our military by condemning the actions of those in uniform BEFORE investigations are even completed, as is the case in the recent Taliban peeing, qur’an burning and Afghan civilian murder incidents, and especially when he is caught on open mike admitting on tape that the upcoming ELECTIONS are getting in the way of his ‘Real Agenda’.  But what’s worse is that this exchange is taking place with the leader of a foreign nation, a nation America is still at odds with!  This action of his, one amongst many traitorous actions, goes against the Presidential Oath of Office he swore to uphold, and shames the position of Commander-in-Chief. Enough is enough…this is real…this is now…and Barack Hussein Obama MUST be removed from office immediately!!

Many have called for Obama’s impeachment but remember, impeachment gives credibility to his presidency and allows all his policies and laws to stay in place; arrest and conviction negates all, including his presidency, and that’s what we want.

Remember also that Billy-Boy was impeached in the House but it died in the Senate thus becoming no more than a slap on the wrist, never to be brought up again.  This is NOT what we want for Obama!  Also of note is that once charges are brought for impeachment and they fail in the Democratic controlled Senate, it’s over!
Arresting Obama for treason is the way to go because once convicted his presidency, policies, and laws would be negated, and that is what ‘We the People’ want…plus a nice  long jail sentence for a man who has tried to destroy everything our Judeo-Christian nation holds dear.


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