Was Omar Mateen a crisis actor during the BP Gulf oil spill?

Omar Mateen Acting Debut During Gulf Oil Spill!

By Glenn Canady


A sharp-eyed Youtube just spotted Omar Mateen’s acting debut in a film about the Gulf Oil Spill! This is crazy!

The Youtuber (chrols2007) says this has been confirmed by the film makers and G4S security and I discovered it was confirmed by the Orlando Sentinal!

CBS News confirmed with security company G4S that Mateen is in fact the security guard featured in a scene from the film “The Big Fix.” In the clip, which is about a minute, Mateen seems skeptical of the BP cleanup efforts.

“No one gives a s*** here. Everybody’s just, get out to get paid. They’re like hoping for more oil to come out and more people to complain so they’ll have jobs,” Mateen tells a reporter. “They want more disaster to happen.”

Six years later, Mateen, 29, orchestrated the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, leaving 49 innocent people dead and 53 wounded at a gay nightclub.

Now as you watch the video, realize that at one point they show the car driving up to the checkpoint so this means Omar was acting here and knew he was being filmed! It’s not like he just got filmed on hidden camera – he KNEW he was on camera because the camera films the car driving up to him! If he got hit by that car he might have needed to understand his legal options a better by talking to an attorney. So the camera crew was setup at the check point and this was all part of an act, not a security guard being secretly filmed.

I’m still digging into this story and I’m not willing to say this shooting is fake. I think people did absolutely die in this one unlike Sandy Hook and Boston Bombing which Jim Fetzer has proven were drills. All this information by Jim Fetzer was censored by Alex Jones. But this acting debut is certainly interesting new information along with all the information about his Dad running for President of Afghanistan and meeting with Congressmen and State Department officials.

The one thing that I can’t understand though is WHY people are being carried TOWARD the Pulse nightclub. IN this video you will see that the victims are actually being carried toward the pulse. Why would they not be walking AWAY from the Pulse if they were shot. I can’t see any reason for this and it’s multiple people too. Not just one person that got lost or something. Many you tubers report videos being taken down. I’ve looked at them and they are correct, the victims are being carried toward the Pulse and not away from it. If somebody can explain this to me I would appreciate it!

If you pause at the 11 second mark you can CLARLY see the pink “PULSE” sign! Why would this be?


Another video showing they are carrying wounded toward the Pulse nightclub. Why?



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