“She’s guilty as hell”.

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GOP nominee Donald Trump described himself as a ‘counter-puncher’ in a speech in San Jose Thursday night, and called for Hillary Clinton to be jailed for using a private email server to send classified government material while Secretary of State.

Trump called Clinton out over a speech she made earlier in the day, which he referred to as “a Donald Trump hit job”.

“After what she said about me today in her phony speech — that was a phony speech, that was a Donald Trump hit job — I will say this: Hillary Clinton has to go to jail,” Trump declared.

Trump then said that Clinton is only siding with President Obama currently on issues such as the Iran deal because she knows the White House can expose her on the email issue.

“Anything Obama wants, she’s going forward with because you know why? She doesn’t want to go to jail,” Trump said.

“The only reason she’s behaving like this, and the only reason she’s been dragged so far left, believe me, is she doesn’t want to go to jail over the emails,” he added, noting that during the 2008 election campaign Obama and Hillary “hated each other”.

“Folks, honestly, she’s guilty as hell,” Trump continued. “The fact that they even allow her to participate in this race is a disgrace to the United States, it’s a disgrace to our nation.”

During her speech in San Diego, as the candidates head into the California primary, Hillary said Trump does not have the temperament to be president, and that his proposals consist of “bizarre rants, personal feuds and outright lies.”

“Donald Trump’s ideas aren’t just different; they are dangerously incoherent,” Clinton said.

Indeed, Hillary referred to Trump over 60 times during her 30 minute speech, which was supposed to be focused on her foreign policies.

Trump hit back, stating “My temperament is so much tougher, and so much better, than her temperament. And, by the way, we need a tough temperament,” he said, also noting that that Hillary “stupidly raised her hand” for the Iraq War.

“Hillary said, ‘Oh, Donald Trump, his finger on the button,’” Trump continued, adding “I’m the one who didn’t want to go in Iraq, folks.”

Trump called her speech “pathetic,” and added “It had nothing to do with foreign policy.”

The GOP nominee further described Hillary’s speech as dull and boring, adding “I think she’s make more money if she made speeches and sold them for people that can’t sleep.”

Trump later sent out a series of tweets attacking Clinton:

@angeloftruth11: Clinton says Trump is dangerous. Who’s the one who killed 4 Americans in Benghazi? 

Photo published for Clinton attacks Trump's foreign policy as a threat to U.S. safety

Clinton attacks Trump’s foreign policy as a threat to U.S. safety

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lambasted Donald Trump’s foreign policy platform as “dangerously incoherent” in a speech on Thursday that cast her Republican rival as both a…

Bad performance by Crooked Hillary Clinton! Reading poorly from the telepromter! She doesn’t even look presidential!

Crooked Hillary no longer has credibility – too much failure in office. People will not allow another four years of incompetence!

Crooked Hillary Clinton, who I would love to call Lyin’ Hillary, is getting ready to totally misrepresent my foreign policy positions.

Bernie Sanders was right when he said that Crooked Hillary Clinton was not qualified to be president because she suffers from BAD judgement!

Crooked Hillary Clinton has zero natural talent – she should not be president. Her temperament is bad and her decision making ability-zilch!

Crooked Hillary Clinton is a fraud who has put the public and country at risk by her illegal and very stupid use of e-mails. Many missing!

In Crooked Hillary’s telepromter speech yesterday, she made up things that I said or believe but have no basis in fact. Not honest!


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and

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