Is Bernie Merely An Opportunist?

Santa Rosa, CA
June 1, 2016

by Rich Scheck

Many of the Sanders faithful believe deeply in his integrity.

That conviction will soon be put to the test. After the California
primary puts Hillary over the top and makes her the likely nominee,
the Vermont Senator will be forced to finally chose.

Will he support someone who represents everything he claims to
be against……….or will he take the higher road by running as an
Independent or endorsing someone else?

As Stephen Lendman makes crystal clear in his essay, choosing to
unite with Clinton will make him more than a hypocrite and loser: it
will confirm what many have said about him all along, i. e. that he is
merely an opportunist.

All of this has nothing to do with Donald Trump, especially since he and Sanders share many of the same positions on key issues. It has everything to do with personal character and integrity.

Opting for Hillary and blaming it on Trump will be the coward’s way out. I pray that Senator Sanders goes deep within and finds the strength to reject such a tarnished and vile political leader.

Even if she is indicted, the Democrats will slide Biden into to replace her. You are not on their agenda, Bernie, and will only be used to bring in the voters Hillary is unable to win on her own.

If Sanders wants to be the true champion of the disenfranchised,
he should sound more like Lendman or Professor James Petras:

And if he has any doubts about the vast potential constituency waiting
for him, he should read this:

Bite the bullet, dear sir, and make real history, win or lose!

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