RE: When will the American people wake up?

N. B.: Below is an open letter I sent to the editor and publisher of
State of the Nation about a recent article on their website.

Windsor, CA
May 10, 2016

Great article, SOTN!

Having said that, I am more convinced than ever that nothing is gonna change until things get much worse.

I hope to be wrong but it is what I told you on the phone when we first started talking after Deepwater Horizon 5 years ago.

Now they have brilliantly manipulated the public with a tear-jerker film to put their NWO spin on that tragedy.

I am not smart enough, rich enough or young enough to change things. Trump has given it his best shot but is about to be either killed, muted or most likely…………!

Enter Cheney, Adelson, JOHN BOLTON, and all the rest of the neo-con and Wall Street crowd who see him poised to
defeat Hillary and want him to be their puppet.

He’ll be the Obama of the right………great for (un)reality MSM
TV news and Saturday Night Live skits.

He may even do a few positive things………..but as for ending our imperial ways and changing the direction of our cultural decay, the guy who owns casinos and runs beauty contests is not a likely candidate for restoring the moral fiber of our nation!

That said, Hillary vs. The Donald will make for great TV, kinda like the upcoming NBA Championship with LeBron James and Cleveland vs. StephenCurry and the Warriors likely to go at it again.

I can’t wait to see all the action!

Had Bernie been a little bit crazier or had a bigger set of cajones, he might have taken Hillary down. But as things now stand, it is just too little, too late for him.

At least Paul Craig Roberts had the courage to give her the proper label:

All the best, Rich

P. S. I will likely skip the Libertarian Convention. But you folks should have someone in Orlando in 2 weeks if you can since it is so close to you.

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