VAXXED: A Reviewer Points Out Some Critical Data



The film VAXXED, now much discussed since it was banned from
The NYC Tribeca Film Festival as of the end of March, is now playing
at one small downtown theatre in NYC.

At a showing there yesterday there were only about 15 people.
This is a stunning film! A high achievement in every sense. Ultimate
congratulations go to all involved.

VAXXED clarifies what has been happening to many children of all ages
after being mandatorily vaccinated. Aside from the beyond tragic testimony
of many parents of autistic children, and the fact of government collusion
as seen by the 1986 ruling absolving the vaccine companies from financial
responsibility for these many terribly damaged children, these riveting facts
tell the story:

• Before 1930, Zero cases of Autism

• In 1978, one in 15,000 cases of Autism

• In 2010, one in 45 cases of Autism

The film points out that if this trend continues, by 2032, 50% of all children
will be autistic. Yes, that’s correct:


An informed public is a powerful public. Dear reader, please see this film.
Cities where it is showing are listed on, and
it is now free to see on the Internet.

This message comes to you from a VERY concerned citizen.

Possible correction I do NOT think the film is available on the Internet
to see
 I believe it WAS and now seems not to be there…….

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