Let’s create a new government

We know where we’ve been… but where are we going?

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By Larry Bumgarner

(INTELLIHUB) — The New World Order is no longer a conspiracy theory. It’s a fact. It’s real. And it’s here. As a result we the people are subject to a tyrannous government which has been bought and now owned by those that collectively make up the NWO. Those that do not see this are either in denial or brain dead. For those of us that do understand what is going on then we know we are in the midst of a crisis. So what can we do about it? We can sit around and complain and whine. We can post things on Face Book. We can write our congressman. We can go vote for a Republican and a Democrat. We can do what the Bundy’s did in Nevada.  We can join a militia and scream armed revolution. How well are any of those tactics working? They’re not.

When doing a business plan we have to ask three questions: Where were we? Where are we now? Where are we going?

We know where we’ve been. We had a constitution and a republic with unalienable rights and economic freedoms. If nothing is done then we’re heading to a one world government where those of us that are not card carrying members of the NWO are in for a lot of misery and grief; maybe extermination. For those that laugh at me go read about Stalin, Hitler and Mao. Or read about the FEMA camps, the PATRIOT Act, the constitution free zone, the NSA surveillance.  If you aren’t alarmed then you are brain dead and you should go cower under your bed and let us people who do know take control of this.

The question of where we are is of utmost importance. Let’s look at our citizens. We have those that are members of the democrat and republican parties who profit off of the current system. We have imports like the Pakistanis and Indians who think that no matter how corrupt things are it’s better than where they came from. We have the brain dead who don’t have a clue. We have those with no backbones who are afraid to do anything. We have those that are lazy who say good luck in changing things and are for it as long as they can lie on their couch and watch television. These people will not march on Washington, take to the streets or join a rebellion to thwart what is coming our way. What then will these people do? They’ll vote. Vote for what? A new government. How? Read on.

Back in the colonial days the people elected a continental congress. The Continental Congress was a convention of delegates called together from the Thirteen Colonies which became the governing body of the United States during the American Revolution. It worked then. It will work now. In a nutshell we get people who will represent every congressional district in the country. We then have a political party which has the capacity to occupy every seat in congress. All we have to do is get them elected. Why would the people vote for us?

In business the first rule of marketing is give the customer what they want. That’s precisely what we’ll do. We’ll hit every hot button they have. If the people vote us in we’ll have control of the legislative and administrative branches of the government. We will promise the people and deliver on the first day in office to do the following:

We will make it so that their representatives will never be bought off again by making lobbying illegal. We will tighten up all the loop holes like giving money to a spouse or relative of an elected official. This law will be so tight that there is no way money can be given to a representative. It’s the biggest hot button with the people and we will exploit it to not only get elected but to rid ourselves of our government being bought off. It’s a slam dunk.

We will make government corruption the same as treason. Anyone involved in any government whether it be city, state, county or federal who is found guilty of corruption or the above law will be sentenced to life in prison without parole. Slam dunk number two.

This idea can be debated but I would propose that every congressman will have a computerized tally board. A proposed law or decision of the government will be put to the people over a website. Those that are legal citizens of this country will be able to read the proposal and will be able to vote by phone or computer. The congressman will see the results of the vote and then be mandated to vote as the people wish. This would truly be a government of the people, by the people and for the people. We could put the following questions to the people. Should we repeal the PATRIOT Act? Should we withdraw our military from here or there? Should we put tariffs on goods manufactured over seas? Should we repeal the trade agreements? And so on and so forth. This way our representatives cannot make any bad decisions or go against the people’s will. This too I think would be a slam dunk.

In conclusion we’ll be creating a political party that will be a new government the way the founders envisioned it; a nation ruled by the constitution that serves the people. This is doable within a few years in time for the next elections. Once we have the people in place and the word spreads we’ll be able to get the money needed to finance this. I think this is the only way to win over the people. In parting here is an idea that may warm your cockles.  Maybe before we repeal the PATRIOT Act we use it against those that have corrupted our government and economic system. As the act gives us the right to take their assets we can take all of their ill gotten gains and use it to make Social Security solvent.  Think of that.

Image: Frank Vest/Flickr


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