Turkey Riots: Another CIA Coup D’état Draped In ‘Scandal’

The CIA attempts to overthrows another government; doesn’t even try to hide their “twitter takeover”.

If the CIA has honed one particular skill set, it is the ability to overthrow national governments in a night and a day. After years of accruing an extraordinarily deep and broad knowledge base in this field of expertise, they have really become pros.  With so many decades of both bloodless coups and color revolutions under their belt, their wealth of experience is simply unrivaled.

What most don’t know is that all of these outright intrusions into the affairs of other sovereign nations are team efforts. The main team, which tries to operate under the radar but always gives itself away, is Team USA. Team USA always includes the UK and Israel. In this way the City of London can coordinate with the New York City bankers to apply the necessary financial pressure, while Israel provides the ‘boots on the ground’ who execute much of the actual black operation in country.

Riots erupt in Turkey over corruption scandal

Riots erupt in Turkey over ‘corruption scandal’

Carrying out these highly sophisticated and compartmentalized implementation plans becomes a cinch when conducted in this manner. Each team member operates on a strictly need-to-know basis, and spreading the tasks around provides necessary cover. In case of inadvertent exposure, plausible deniability is always there to hang their hat on. All three have become experts in this particular regard, especially Israel.

Turkey PM criticizes judiciary over graft probe

“The Prime Minister was apparently referring to Fethullah Gulen, a scholar who lives in self-imposed exile in the United States.”

This single statement from the article linked above says it all. It shows how the Western military powers have worked in tandem for centuries in coordinating the takedown of any foreign government that did not go with their flow. In the case of Turkey, it is Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan who has apparently “left the reservation”. His first ‘mistake’ was to publicly castigate Israel over the Gaza flotilla raid. To make matters much worse, he has since made many quite accurate assessments of Israel’s outrageous and criminal behavior from various global media platforms.  

The CIA, also known as The Company, has fingerprints all over this operation.

There will always be blowback from this kind of truth-telling. Turkey occupies a very unique location between East and West, and therefore must always be kept in check. Hence, we now witness a brewing graft scandal which was engineered in the laboratories of the CIA, the MOSSAD and MI6. How can this be known with certainty? The entire ‘graft probe’ has all the hallmarks of a CIA black operation from start to finish. This is, after all, the way they achieve their end of getting rid of an entire administration, not just a single leader.

The Prime Minister has already been forced to “replace 10 ministers including the economy, interior, and environment ministers, who resigned from their posts after their sons were arrested in the scandal.”  Isn’t this the best way to not only bring down an entire administration, but also bring disrepute on the whole political party, so as to marginalize them for the foreseeable future?  When a scandal is wide and deep enough, just like this classic CIA-engineered blackop, virtually anyone can be taken out by dint of association.


The Hizmet movement is led by Fethullah Gülen from his headquarters in the USA

This is where The Company really excels.  The developing situation in Turkey is a perfect example of using an American-based “philosopher politician” (influential US-based Muslim cleric, Fethullah Gulen) to both rally and coordinate his many agents scattered throughout Turkey.  Since his many adherents occupy positions of power throughout that nation, it has been quite easy for them to foment a revolutionary fervor due to all of the manufactured ‘scandal’.

Riots erupt in Turkey over corruption scandal

What is quite telling are the numerous mainstream media (MSM) articles which essentially say nothing about the details of these scandals.  All the MSM talks about are “construction contracts”, vague references to “graft” and “transfers to Iran”. They first attempt to criminalize all business with Iran, a traditional and huge trading partner of Turkey, and then tar and feather anyone they want to with that brush of fake international scandal. The CIA literally attempts to dictate who these sovereign nations can do business with.

“Media reports say the probe is over alleged illicit money transfers to Iran and bribery for construction projects.”

Of course, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is completely up to speed with this transparent foreign intervention in Turkey’s affairs.  He knows every trick The Company uses to inflame these fabricated rebellions. His problem is that he is now losing many of his key loyalists. So many have either been bribed, threatened, blackmailed or co-opted by The Company that they feel they have no choice but to abandon the political platform of Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

Same page from the same playbook was used in Egypt by The Company

Just as the Mursi government in Egypt was forced out by a coup d’état by the old military guard, Erdogan is suffering the very same fate. Particularly after prosecuting many of the entrenched and retired military leaders who participated in a massive conspiracy against his government, have the forces coalesced to remove him from power. Although Erdogan clearly acted in defense of the republic, he offended too many guilty parties in the military power structure.

Turkey, like Egypt, plays a vital role in the control of Middle Eastern politics, oil exploitation, and regional balance of power. Geographically, it occupies an extremely significant strategic location, as NATO attack plans have repeatedly demonstrated in the past. The US air bases alone serve as an integral part of every military operation occurring in the Middle East.

Simply put, the Western powers won’t tolerate any Turkish leader who attempts to go his own way on behalf of his country. Clearly, Erdogan has had his own designs from the very beginning of his first term. Recent years have shown that he is willing to depart from the US/EU/NATO script whenever the best interests of Turkey are at risk. Now that his foil in the US has been ensconced in American Mideast policy and implementation, he will have to muster every bit of political capital he can to ward off these dangerous threats to Turkish sovereignty.


Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan

What will the future bring to Turkey?

This question can only be answered by how quickly the Prime Minister aligns himself with the most capable and influential political powers both within and outside of Turkey. Russia’s Vladimir Putin plays as well as anybody on the current geo-political chessboard. Iran is also a major player and convenient neighbor.  Likewise, India and the rest of the BRICS nations will likely assist however they can.

All that can be said at this late date is that the Prime Minister better work fast to save his administration. By doing so, he will save Turkey from another CIA-conceived, -coordinated, -controlled coup d’état.

Michael Thomas
December 31, 2013


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