Michael J. Murphy’s Letter to Activists; Geoengineering, Paris Climate Agreement and the Coming Carbon Dictatorship

Michael J. Murphy’s Letter to Activists; Geoengineering, Paris Climate Agreement and the Coming Carbon Dictatorship

We are entering a critical time for our chemtrail geoengineering activism A global climate agreement that will most likely legalize geoengineering is expected to be signed in Paris, France in December of 2015. After signing, we are looking at a planned five-year implementation schedule. – Michael J. Murphy.

Dear Fellow Activists.If this agreement is adopted, we will see the largest transfer of economic and political power in the history of our planet. It will allow an unelected body (International Panel on Climate Change–the IPCC) to replace the sovereignty of nations around the world. The IPCC will micro-manage our lives by creating a world government and a carbon dictatorship. Why is geoengineering significant to the climate change agenda? What can we do as activists to prevent the loss of sovereign rights and freedoms and the transfer of trillions of dollars of wealth into the hands of the global elite?

Our Common Future Under Climate Change.
Agenda 21 Explained Full Version

(Above) Video – Agenda 21 EXPLAINED Full version – http://youtu.be/9GykzQWlXJs

Because geoengineering programs are designed to change our planet’s temperature and manipulate our weather they, without a doubt, are causing most of the recent changes in our climate.While there is no consensus in the scientific community, the IPCC and other powerful organizations have chosen to identify Co2 as the primary cause, if not the only cause, of disruptions in our climate.There are no climate models that include what we believe to be the largest factor in our changing weather patterns (geoengineering.) This makes all climate models flawed and, in some cases, fraudulent when developed by individuals who are aware of ongoing geoengineering programs.

The Hegelian Dialectic; Problem, Reaction, Solution
Create the problem (droughts, floods, temperature fluctuations and other conditions leading to climate change) by geoengineering the planet.Reaction Gain public support by convincing the public that changes in our climate and weather are caused by Co2 Solution Tell the public that cutting back on Co2 emissions through taxation and control by a global authority is the solution to the problem. Because only a small percentage of the world population is aware of geoengineering programs and their effect on our climate, the global elite expects that most people will believe the Co2 argument and accept cap and trade and other oppressive schemes in order to solve the artificially created problem.Do to this, and because we can prove (through various atmospheric and other tests) that geoengineering has been occurring for several years and is not included in any climate models, we have the ability to prove that the change agenda is fraudulent and creates monetary and other damages to billions of people around the world.Therefore, we are collecting the names of potential plaintiffs for a class action lawsuit. We feel that this is the most effective way to stop geoengineering. http://geoengineeringactionnetwork.org/

Also, because the climate change agenda, if passed, will take this and other related legislation out of the jurisdiction of the US and other countries, it is likely that once passed, geoengineering will be legalized and thus, remove our legislators ability to address this by taking it out of their jurisdiction. If we allow this to happen it will make it exponentially more challenging to stop geoengineering. Also, because the Trans Pacific Partnership is expected to create Global Tribunals formed by corporations, it is likely that any legal proceedings related to geoengineering will have to go through this court system which are designed to protect the interests of corporations at the expense of human and other life on our planet.

What Is The Solution??

x578Because there is no doubt that geoengineering is responsible for most of the changes in our climate, it is essential that we take action now and demand that global geoengineering programs be stopped and that all climate talks and proposed legislation are immediately halted.In the next few weeks, the Coalition Against Geoengineering will be initiating several calls to action by initiating specific projects that address this most important issue.

The Story of Cap & Trade (2009) http://youtu.be/pA6FSy6EKrM

This is not only a battle for our freedoms and those of current and future generations; it is a battle for life itself.Thank you for all of your support. And as always,“Keep looking up!!!!!”


Michael J. Murphy
President of The Coalition Against Geoengineering

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