And you thought you knew everything there was to know about Sandy Hook


Sandy Hook Gun Control Scam

The Sandy Hook school massacre

The Massacre

27 people shot dead in school shooting. including children. Shooter commits suicide.

Adam Lanza, the accused

Adam Lanza’s Hard Drive Damaged Beyond Repair? Motive for Shooting Hidden : Adam Lanza Was On Antipsychotic Drug Known To Cause Aggressive Behavior

Adam Lanza Researched Mass Murderers, Sources Say

Detectives investigating Newtown massacre find Adam Lanza’s violent video games, ponder the 20-year-old mimicking a gory game scene

Probe of Newtown shooter Adam Lanza focusing on murderer’s ‘psychotic break’ and unlocked gun

WATCH – ‘Fell Off The Face Of The Earth’ – CNN: No Record Of Adam Lanza Existence Since 2009

Who was his Mother?

Nancy Lanza Not a Teacher?

Nancy Lanza a Morgan Stanley Investment Broker

Raising Adam Lanza

Adam and Nancy Lanza: An investigation into their family life

The 27th Victim: Nancy Lanza Is Subject Of ‘Frontline’ Documentary

Nancy Lanza feared son, Adam, was ‘getting worse’; told friend ‘he was burning himself with a lighter’ and that she was ‘losing him’

The White House exploits Sandy Hook

 White House immediately exploits murders for gun control attempts as Obama goes to Sandy Hook and speaks. Gun control legislation immediately called for.

After Aurora: How Mayor Bloomberg Planned to Make the Next Massacre Count

White House fundraises using Sandy Hook.

The White House and Left use Sandy Hook to spawn the largest gun-grabbing effort in U.S. History.  See separate Nachumlist file: Obama vs. The 2nd Amendment

Previous attempt to scare the public by intentionally giving weapons to Mexican crime lords fails.  See separate Nachumlist file: Gunrunner-Gate (Fast and Furious file)

The Parents

Something Strange About Robbie Parker

Video:.Robbie Parker, the Father of slain child comes to microphone- laughing….: then tears up for the camera…within a day, sets up a fund: Emillie Parker Fund to raise money; Emilie Parker family plans memorial, fund for fellow victims

The Investigation

Connecticut state police warned that people posting “misinformation” on social media websites would be “investigated and prosecuted.

Initial reports that a “second gunman” arrested in the woods behind the school was involved in the massacre were later dropped without explanation.

Today Show: No assault weapons used in Sandy Hook Massacre

NBC Admitted: No ‘Assault Rifle’ Used in Newtown Shooting

Conn. massacre records secret, media seek access

Newtown clerk refuses to issue Sandy Hook victims’ death certificates

Facebook Suspends Account For Questioning Official Narrative on Shooting

Sandy Hook Panel Set to Begin Review of School Shooting

Still No Police Report, or Toxicology Results, on Sandy Hook Killer

Sandy Hook Elementary shooter has no brain deformities, medical examiner says

Sandy Hook DA cites ‘potential suspects,’ fears witness safety

Conspiracy Theories…

FEMA/DHS False Flag Theory:

Sandy Hook – The Truth (Controversial Documentary) That DHS spent two years in Sandy Hook running training drills 2005 London Subway Bombing, 9/11 2001Terror Attack, 2012 Sandy Hook Massacre all had a version or versions of the Dept. of Homeland Security running drills or class courses in the exact same place at the exact same time…..”Planning for the needs of children in disastersSet at the same exact time and in the exact same location as the Sandy Hook Massacre; What Was DHS Doing In Sandy Hook? …-Sandy Hook Shooting: Active-Shooter Drill Confirmed by Law Enforcement Raises Suspicion of False Flag Operation

Sandy Hook Massacre Linked to DHS Exercise

False Flag Two Years In The Making Or Department Of Homeland Security Fail?

Sandy Hook Shooting: Grieving Parents Hoax..Worked for Home Security as Crisis Actors

 Another pair of actors in Sandy hoax exposed. 100% BUSTED!


Crisis Actors: Are They Being Used To Fake Events?

Video: The Sandy Hook Actors PART 1 ;   Part 2;  Part 3

Video: Sandy Hook Actors Exposed? Same as Giffords Shooting?

Three Days Before Shooting “United Way Extends Our Most Sincere Condolences To Sandy Hook Families”

SSDI changed Adam Lanza’s date-of-death from Dec. 13 to Dec. 14, 2012according to the original SSDI entry, the man who we are told was the lone gunman who perpetrated the Sandy Hook massacre, had died the day before he killed his 27 victims

United Way: No, we didn’t know about Dec. 14 Sandy Hook shooting in advance…”flawed Google search…

CNN video of police charge at Sandy Hook is not Sandy Hook

Police Officer Exposes The Unanswered Questions Of The Sandy Hook Tragedy

Prominent rifle manufacturer killed in mysterious car crash days after posting psych drug link to school shooters

Anderson Cooper Goes After ‘Anonymous Internet Trolls’ Pushing Conspiracies About Newtown And Gun Control.

The Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed (VIDEO)

Newtown Is Hometown of Sugarmann; His Group Seeks Assault Weapons BanJosh Sugermann founded Violence Policy Center (VPC) after leaving The Coalition to Ban Handguns in 1988. He is generally credited with mainstreaming the term ‘assault weapon’ in his 1988 work – “Assault weapons and accessories in America”

Foreign language heard being spoken in the Sandy Hook raw footage

We Take You Inside the Mind of a Sandy Hook Truther: CIA Conspiracy? 7 Shooters? An Attempt to ‘Disarm People and Attack the 2nd Amendment’?

Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories Edge Toward The Mainstream

Russian Report (rumor?) on Sandy Hook Massacre: Connecticut Massacre Blamed On Son Of Top CIA Analyst: Russian rumor continued: Hunger Games “Experiment” Said Behind Connecticut Massacre

Ritual Killing Theory: Sandy Hook Massacre a ritual killing ; Hiram Masonic Temple next to Sandy Hook school

Banking Industry Murder Theory (LIBOR Scandal): Banking connection to murderer’s parent Lanza:  Peter Lanza’s Libor Bid Rigging Connection:

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