Support For Local Sheriffs Empower Organic and Public Law Owed To All

Sheriff Scott London                                                                    February 15, 2016
Eddy County Sheriff Complex
1502 Corrales Road
Carlsbad, NM 88220
Artesia Office Phone:
Carlsbad Office Phone:

Dear Sheriff London,

Our names are Alicia Lutz-Rolow and Leonard Frank Harview. We are born and bred American State Citizens who, like millions of other American Patriots, are fighting fiercely for the Rule of Law to be returned to our Republic, as well as the inherent God Given Freedoms bestowed upon mankind, that in America, are enumerated in our sacred Bill of Rights, protected under the Constitution “for” the united States of America; Circa 1787, 1789, 1791.

First of all We want to tell you how proud of you We are, for Honoring your oath and Standing Up against the US MARSHALS (FOREIGN AGENTS), and physically blocking the IRS (FOREIGN AGENTS) from seizing an innocent American and his property, who had not yet had his day in court and whose 5th…, 6th…7th… 8th and 9th Amendments were being violated.

As highly concerned Americans, desperately witnessing the systematic destruction of our beloved Republic, at the hands of these FOREIGN AGENTS employed by the FOREIGN OWNED AND CONTROLLED / PRIVATE COMPANY FOR PROFIT CORPORATION; UNITED STATES INC. , who are fraudulently, unlawfully and with great Malice, purporting to be elected representatives of, by and for the People, We cannot even begin to come up with adequate words to express our appreciation for your courageous actions, which no doubt was the reason that led to your successfully averting an unlawful seizure. Had you not chosen to assert your “Supreme Law of the Land” powers afforded to you under the Constitution for the United States of America, the entire situation would have amounted to an unlawful and un Constitutional kidnapping of yet another American, by FOREIGN AGENTS.

The very certainty that this tyranny against our People has now become a daily occurrence throughout our Nation, and the fact that You Sir, stood strong in the face of extreme adversity, tyranny and oppression, and did your job of protecting the citizens you swore to protect under oath, gives us hope that there are others like you, who like us, are ready to lay down your lives for Freedom. We would imagine that you are very well aware that most Sheriffs, who call themselves “Constitutional”, would, in our opinions, NEVER take the kind of brave action you rightfully chose to take.

With that said, please allow us to address that very serious situation regarding the very oath you subscribed to, and took allegiance to, as that is the very reason We are writing to you today.

We therefore strongly feel it to be necessary that in order for We the People to begin to address the immense deep rooted corruption and unlawful UNITED STATES INC. usurpations and encroachments our Republic faces today, we need to start with a most disturbing fact that many have totally overlooked, even though such facts are hidden in plain sight.

This fact pertains to the oath of office virtually all in government subscribe and take allegiance to, including ALL Sheriffs to which is total fraud. We ask that you or anyone you know to be knowledgeable in law attempt to show where there is any such document in law or at law that has the title of, “The Constitution of the United States”. I’m positive that you or your colleague(s) will not find such a document anywhere in the world. This discovery of fraud may very well be the case with most of the references to the state’s constitutions specified within the oaths of office as well because in order for such references to be valid / lawful, they must be presented via their original title.

It is the belief of many Americans, us included, that such a fraud hidden in plain sight may have been done purposely to enable plausible deniability for some public officials.

So that it can be clearly understood, let us begin with the fact that there are two (2) documents “in law” and “at law” with the following titles:

1). The Constitution for the united States of America.

2). The Constitution “of” the United States America.

We respectfully ask that you please review the “oath of office” you yourself personally subscribed to when you became Sheriffs of your county in your respective state, and We are sure you will find that what we specify to you here and now, is 100% true and accurate.

We strongly feel We should refrain from any further correspondence and suggestions, until you are comfortable with and understand the disturbing facts and information regarding the fraudulent oath of office specified above, that you and ALL other Sheriffs have subscribed to.

If you concur with the conclusions We have found on this subject, with your blessing, We would then like to arrange a meeting with you and as many likeminded Sheriffs you know, so We and possibly others We know to be well versed in true Natural law, can provide suggestions and “lawful” plans of actions which could very well save our beloved Republic, as well as create dialogue and discussion among all of us, regarding ideas which would facilitate the lawful funding of such.

In closing Sir, let Us remind you that the Constitution”for” the United States of America; Circa 1787 (dejure), is the Rule of Law that governs our Republic and our People, NOT the nonexistent UNITED STATES INC; CONSTITUTION nor the Constitution “of the” United States of America (defacto).

Please do not allow your willful disbelief, or misplaced arrogance triumph over your willingness to seek TRUTH regarding such a malignant and deceptive tyrannical façade, that has indeed been ruthlessly perpetrated upon you, as it has been perpetrated upon ALL Americans. As it currently stands right now in the UNITED STATES INC. REFUSING to honor your fraudulent oath to them, places you under “treason and or sedition status,” and they can and WILL eventually arrest all of you who STAND UP.

You Sir are one of the Sheriffs of the People of the many Republics that make up The united States of America. The Constitution for the united States of America; being the TRUE Supreme Law of the Land, is the document that gives the “elected by the People” position of Sheriff you hold, the power that supersedes ALL Powers, LOCAL, STATE and FEDERAL, including those of the FOREIGN AGENT in our Nation’s White House, unlawfully purporting to be the president of the United States of America.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.”

Please Sir, We urge you to do your due diligence regarding this travesty. Protect those powers with your very life , as THE UNITED STATES INC. fraudulently purporting to be our Nations “lawful” government, is already in character and underway, (behind closed doors), passing unlawful executive orders, one right after another, making sure they create the pathway to strip you of that immense Constitutional power and dissolve your position of Sheriff entirely.

It is seriously past the time to WAKE UP. The Sheriffs of the United States of America are the American People and our Nation’s LAST LINE OF DEFENSE. We anxiously await your response in this most urgent matter, and we remain at your service, as we respectfully ask for your guidance. Until then, may God Bless you and Your Family and may God Bless America.

In Solidarity & Freedom
Alicia, House of Lutz-Rolow
American Patriot / Guardian of the Republic
My Life…My Fortune…My Sacred Honor…So Help Me God

In Freedom
Leonard Frank, House of Harview

NOTE: The following Sheriffs professing to be Constitutional have also been sent similar correspondence. We remain anxiously still waiting for their response, God willing we will receive one.

  • Sheriff Dar Leaf [Barry County] 1212 W State St, Hastings, MI 49058
  • Sheriff Tim Mueller [Linn County] 1115 SE Jackson St., Albany, OR 97322
  • Sheriff Larry R. Smith [Smith County] 227 N. Spring Avenue Tyler, Texas 75702
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